Mascara Review: Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara

Majolica Majorca Lash King Collection

There are just some products that you can't wait to try because you know how great it's going to be. As a beauty blogger, I get a chance (not all the time) to try the latest products that hits our counters. I consider this a magical moment when they reach my hands...

And one of those magical moment was when I received these fantastic products...

Majolica Majorca is pretty young in our country but have garnered a good amount of attention from beauty addicts like us. the whimsical, fantastical products catches many of our attention and the quality of the products just floored us.

And if there is one thing Majolica Majorca got their hands on, it's their mascaras. Everything I have tried so far from this brand have impressed me. My favorite is and I think, their most popular mascara, is their Lash Expander Frame Plus. I have these in three shades and it is uncompromising.

When Cathy of Majolica Majorca Philippines told me that they'd be realeasing a new kind of mascara that will top my fave Lash Expander Frame Plus, I didn't believe her at first.

The Lash King, she said, is going to impress me. Was she right? Read on to find out...

"For the longest ever, unrivaled lashes! A lengthening mascara base and super long fibers lashes towards the peak of the lash world. One coat brings on volume and fullness. Waterproof type to secure the throne."

Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara

I love the uniformity of the mascaras of Majolica Majorca. It's not hard to store it since it's packaged in the same chic circular tube and always with a gold shade. It's definitely eye-candyt material for those whoa re sucker for packaging.

Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara Acrobatic Catch Brush

"5mm super long fibers are the longest in Majolica Majorca history. Tons of liquid mascara works together with the newly developed brush."
What you'll instantly notice? The overwhelming fibers on the wand and the thick consistency of the formulation. I am not much into Japanese brands and I know they've got a lot of fiber-base mascaras but this one tops all the ones I've seen in the past!

It is true that your lashes will lengthen and thicken. It this amazing! I know there are cheaper mascaras out there who can rival this mascara... but right now, I just don't want to try on anything but this.

Why I love this...

It's so easy to use
the fibers doesn't poke my eyes
the formula doesn't make my lids heavy. 
It feels weightless!
It keeps my curls which is a great for those who usually have trouble keeping their curls
Barely smudges on me
Easier to remove (use Majolica Majorca Eyes Reset Gel)

What I don't...

I seriously can't see any downside with this mascara!

For proof, check out my photos below!

Just look at how lush and long it has made my lashes!

bare lashes!

Lashes amped up Lash King Mascara!

And this is me about 8 hours later!

I hope the photos explain how great this mascara is!

Valentine's is just a day away, what are your plans? :) Do you think the Lash King will be a part of your Valentine's? I think it will be in mine.

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  1. Bee Luzada13/2/12 6:58 AM

    I love your eye look!
    You're sooo pretty! ^_^

  2. oooh another fiber wig from MM a must try ;-)

  3. RebelSweetHrt13/2/12 9:50 AM

    Love the colors you used in your eyes! :)

  4. Bonggels! parang Falsies lang yung lashes mo! did you use this over the weekend at the event? ang ganda!

  5. nice. parang nakafalse eyelashes. hmm is this better than maybelline falsies? same price lang ng other MM mascaras?

  6. NinMonster13/2/12 3:10 PM

    I love Majo Majo mascaras! ♥

  7. Aprilmaelim13/2/12 5:25 PM

    Hmm, a must try!

  8. Looks great! I have their Lash Expander Frame Plus, but I guess this is even better!

  9. Oh my! This is a mascara worth trying no matter how much it costs! There are mascaras which lengthens, period! And there are those which volumizes only. This is a really dream product. Must try soon! :D

  10. Oh wow~! This is just amazing because of how it does add length to your lashes. And you also said it's not heavy. Another plus!  Gosh, I am sooooo tempted to get this soon XD

  11. So, this is what all the buzz is about. When I saw Majo's first teaser about this product, I had the haunch that it'd be something worth the wait, judging from your photos, I'm pretty sure that it is definitely worth the anticipation. I love how the mascara stays, for me not needing to re-apply is a determining factor if I should buy a mascara or not. I love the packaging as well! Very pretty and dainty :)

  12. I was going to let this pass coz no matter how much I love my Lash Expander, it's a PAIN to take off! Good thing you suggested the MM Reset Gel. I figured that MM products would go together (duhr). ^^; If the Reset Gel is a success in taking off Lash Expander nicely, I just might give the Lash King a try! Looks really pretty heehee


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