@GarnierPH Fans Day with @ilovegeorgina and New Garnier Pure Active

During the Facebook and Twitter Fans Day of Garnier Philippines, the question of whether one had to suffer from pimples was answered.

Garnier gathered it's facebook and twitter loyal fans for day of fun activities, to introduce their new great products and of course, but to the surprise of many (myself included), to meet Georgina Wilson, their latest product endorser.

I once worked with Georgina Wilson at the Topshop event I handled but I'm sure she barely remembered me. it was nice seeing that flawless, smiling face again. The girl lights up the room. She is so humble! She engaged the audience which i find really charming as everyone got so giddy with her interviews and all. She's super adorable and even in flats, she towers everyone!

I think Garnier really made the right choice in choosing her for the the new Garnier Pure Active line. Georgina shares that she herself have had pimples and have done everything to get rid it. Even now, she still tackles the big bad red zit.

Fortunately, there are products out there to help us get rid of our problems. Garnier introduced their weapon against the 6 signs of skin problems which are usually associated with acne: pimples, oiliness, whiteheads and blackheads, enlarged pore and unevenness of skin tone.

Garnier Philippines makes it easier for us to combat these dilemmas without having to pay for so much with Garnier Pure Active Multi-action Facial Scrub and Anti-Imperfections Cooling Roll-on. 

Why should you try this?

It has the highest content of Salicylic Acid (2%) allowed for over the counter products. Salicylic Acid or Beta Hydroxy Acid is the best (in my honest opinion) as an anti-bacterial properties that is great for enlarged pores and oiliness!

And Herba Repair, derived from blueberry which has a regenerating and repairing properties to reduce skin dullness.

Everything that you need to control and heal pimples are available in the Garnier Pure Active products. For me, I think anything with Salicylic Acid is certainly worth trying especially if you are dealing with so much pimples.

Here are some photos I took of the event:

Garnier Philippines Team! I do love their jacket!

What to know more about the Facebook and Twitter fans day, check out the video! Hmm... can you spot me and Nikki?

I super enjoyed the fans day. I've been a fan of Garnier since it came here to the Philippines and to meet people who have the same love as I do for the brand is so overwhelming. Thanks Garnier for inviting me. I really appreciate the fun activities, meeting Georgina Wilson, the super great food and of course, for my new Garnier Pure Active products.

Must try: Pure Active Anti-impressions Cooling Roll-on. it just a few tries, I've proven this wand works! It dries pimples immediately (depending on how worst your pimple is). Mine took 2 to 3 days to dry up!

Must try: A refreshing scrub from Garnier Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub. I love that the beads aren't harsh. Lather on your hands the product first before you wash your face. This makes the scrub more foamy and helps with removing more impurities and oil!

To get a chance to be a part of the Garnier events and promos, visit and like their facebook page (www.facebook.com/takecaregarnier) and follow them on twitter (www.twitter.com/GarnierPh).

Take care!

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  1. Awesome products from Garnier! My sis needs these stuff. Haha! Seriously though. LOL :P

  2. Georgina Wilson is so pretty!  this product line looks great!  It targets enlarged pores and whiteheads and blackheads! yay! :)

  3. Coffee_cabana28/2/12 5:37 PM

    It was really nice to meet you Shen :) I hope to meet you again in other events. :) - Ross

  4. I wish they bring the wash here. Yung walang scrub.  Parang overkill yung scrub and salicylic acid.

  5. Yes, 
    Georgina Wilson is very pretty! No wonder she's one of the 20 most beautiful Filipinas, as seen in the morphing video that's going viral....see her in this video



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