Tech Tuesday | Marshall Major and Minor Headphones

Upon learning of the brand of these headsets and earphones, it brought me back to the days of being a fan of rock bands like Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots and Metallica. I was sort of immersed in the world of rock and roll listening to classics like the Beatles, Hendrix and Santana. yes, surprising as it may seem... I was into all that. To learn that one of the biggest maker of guitar amps to create a collection of headphones is definitely worth lending our two ears.

Did it live up to its successful huge name?

To me it did. I'm not much of a musician to be able to differentiate the bass and such of an earphones. But even to a newbie, you can definitely recognize good quality with these headsets. The sleek logo of Marshall imprinted on the arpieces makes this such a statement that I take this seriously.

Many heads turned actually when I used the ear-in piece while getting my mani-pedi at a local salon and while watching my shows at my favorite coffee shops. The uniqueness and the gold hardware probably was an eye candy to passers by. As for me, was so happy to drown out noise with these earphones.

Marshall Minor Headphones | 2950

I definitely fell in love with white and gold. I'm a girl after all who likes her things well coordinated or at the least looking hella pretty. I make sure that all my gadgets are sleek and chic as well as performing on a top level. Marshall headsets definitely exceeds expectation. That much I can say.

Marshall Major Headphones | 4650

Marshall Major Headphones is L-O-V-E. I was able to drown out sounds from my noisy neighbors as I was editing a video tutorial. I listened to the music I chose to embed, tune it the way I want it and merge it to make the 8 minute video I was editing. I was also enjoying using this when the BF hogs the TV when there's NBA or PBA showing and I'm left with watching my shows on my laptop.

If you're  really are taking your music or listening experience seriously, it's worth to give Marshall a try. Especially if you want something sleek and fancy looking and has a sturdy quality to it. But then again for srious musician, I'm sure this Marshall is still exceeded by other headphones that has been here far longer than these two. But then again, you'll never know until you try.

Leaving you with a photo of me with my Marshall Minor Headphones! :)

Marshall Major and Minor headphones are available at Digital Walker, Astrovision, Beyond The Box, Digital Hub, Digital Hub CDO, 8Telcom Davao, , ECentral Cebu, Gadgets iN Style, HTC MOA, iStore (Cebu, Dumaguete, Manila), Listening Room, PC Hub, Power Hub - Davao, Power MAC Center, Switch, Technoholics, Urban Atheletics.

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  1. love the combination of white and gold too! :)

  2. Ruth Santiago19/1/12 11:36 AM

    Those are really nice headphones to look at! I'm sure it's much nicer to even use it =) 
    Just like you, I'm not much of a musician, but I so love listening to music & I sing along with the songs being played, either over the radio, MP3 & oh especially in videoke =)


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