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The Body Shop Olive Oil Dry Oil Mist


Cult-fave, The Body Shop Olive Oil Dry Oil Mist is back!

The very first time I was introduced to this product is seeing it on my mom's vanity. I'm not sure how she came upon it, but the thin glass bottle with tin cap got to me. Not to mention the scent it has. I use to sleep at my mom's room or vice versa when my dad use to go to the province. My mom hated sleeping alone, you see. For quite awhile, I would be intrigued with the scent of her lotion. Wrong was I that it was the Olive Oil Dry Oil Mist after all.

As a young girl in college, who barely knew anything about body care (except for the typical bathing and applying lotion), dry oil mist was entirely a new concept! I can't believe that now I have knowledge enough to write my own book about beauty!

The use of Olive Oil dates back to 5000 BC, they use it same way as we use them now... either for our cooking or for our body. Olive Oil was utilized during Ancient Egypt, Roman and Greeks, too. It's used for healing, oiling up athlete's body and even during death as they prepare it for it's final rest. This day and age, though, we focus more on how Olive Oil helps us in our diet and in beautifying our body.

I'm really glad that The Body Shop brought the Olive Oil Dry Oil Mist back to their store. It not only brings back good memories of me and my mom sharing this with each other, but also because I enjoy its light scent and the subtle sheen it gives me body.

The Body Shop Olive Oil Dry Oil Mist is available at all Body Shop stores nationwide. :)

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