Edited: 2012 Giveaway | Be the *Reader of the Month

*This post is not where you comment your post. This monthly giveaway encourages people to comment and write their insights on the features/articles and posts on this blog! :) This is not a contest! :)

I'm encouraging everyone and anyone to comment on the posts featured on this blog. :) 

I've stopped doing this for awhile but I'm now reviving this to start of the year with good karma!

It's going to be sort of Reader of the Month thing. :) You can comment on any blog post as long as it's within the month allocation. For example, you commented several blog posts during January, then you'll be included in the January draw.

*Should your comment tugs my heart, I reserve the right to choose that person as winner for that certain month. Meaning that you've shown how much my story/article/feature/review made an impact in your daily life then you have a bigger chance to win.

Better comments.. better chances of winning!!

For this month, One (1) lucky commenter will receive these five (5) Bioessence Privilege Pass from One Hyundai Lifestyle Club.

Thanks so much!!

This is not where you post your comments! I want to encourage you to interact with me on my other blog posts! :)

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  1. abril_trese6/1/12 12:19 PM

    havent received my prize yet :(

  2. Hi Ms. Shen,

    I'm a regular reader of your blog. I particularly read your reviews about a certain product 'coz it somehow affects my decision in trying a specific product. I guest it's hightime for me to comment on your post/s and hopefully win a prize.  Just in case, I will share the 5 Bio Essence Privelege Pass to my girlfriends. Having a spa or facial treatment together with friends will be a great bonding moment so we'll feel more rejuvenated in 2012.

    Advance Happy Chinese New Year and more power to your blog!

  3. PinkChinadoll7/1/12 1:10 AM

    What a way to start the year :) I am sure a lot of your readers will take the extra mile to leave a comment on your posts just like me. Happy New Year, Shen! More product reviews for you and of course video tutorials :) Hugs♥

  4. A very Happy New Year welcome giveaway for all of us from Shens Addiction! love to win this i want a body massage from Bioessence..thanks a lot!

  5. allanoreyes7/1/12 2:38 PM

    hello,this is my first time to read your blog and I find it very interesting and funny.Keep up the good work and may you inspire more readers like me.

  6. Hi miss shen it's me again Crisel ,  Joining your Blog give away! I'm your number one reader i always read your blog bout the make ups and i try  to buy what makeups and skin care you usually write  on your blog it really helps me because i'm having a hard time to  pick what suits for my skin but in your blog it helps me alot! :D   I really want this 5) Bioessence Privilege Pass because i'm craving for  bioessence and i really want to try it..lot of  people says that bioessence are really good products and if i'm a going to win the prize i will share it to my gfriends and it's my first time to try biossence. Thanks :D Happy new yr miss shen <3

  7. Happy New Year to all and especially to a generous, beautiful and kind Miss Shen. If im gonna win this privilege pass to Hyundai Lifestyle Club, Ill going to give it to my precious mother. All my life that she is by my side, i never have chance to tell her that i love her, to thank her for everything and to appreciate her teachings. I simply love my mother and she will be happy for this makeover package. 
    I really want to make my mother happy but i dont know how to. Im not a showy person but I want to show her my love for her in any ways. If Im the lucky commentor for this month, Ill be very thankful to God and to a people like you who is sharing blessings. 

                                                                                                                                                                                 Happy New Year!  

  8. leeshengee8/1/12 3:43 PM

    your prize has been delivered.

  9. Jay Ramones12/1/12 2:26 PM

    This is my first time i saw and read you BLOG. Your Blog topics is interesting and informative, hoping you continue your writing. good luck to your BLOG.

  10. hi miss shen! you know, i've always looked up to bLoggers since you guys have the guts to actually express yourselves on whatever topic or issue there is. and now that technology has evolved, there's freebies on the side pa,  for your readers. what a great treat for everybody! =)
     i hope you choose me to be your lucky commenter to win
    5 Bioessence Privilege Pass so me & my mom can get the chance to bond while getting some beauty pampering  at the same time  =) thank y0u & God bLess!

  11. Mariavilla Santiago18/1/12 12:16 PM

    good day shen! i'm a 65-year old mom & i just want to say that time has really changed! from that simple telephone to now the hi-tech cellular phones, from snail mail to e-mails, from our old-fashioned  diaries to now your present day blogs =) technology has definitely advanced! well, sometimes it makes my everyday life, kinda complicated, but i'm sure having fun in trying to keep up w/all these changes. =) good luck to you, more power & God bless you & your passion for blogging! 


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