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Edited: 2012 Giveaway | Be the *Reader of the Month


*This post is not where you comment your post. This monthly giveaway encourages people to comment and write their insights on the features/articles and posts on this blog! :) This is not a contest! :)

I'm encouraging everyone and anyone to comment on the posts featured on this blog. :) 

I've stopped doing this for awhile but I'm now reviving this to start of the year with good karma!

It's going to be sort of Reader of the Month thing. :) You can comment on any blog post as long as it's within the month allocation. For example, you commented several blog posts during January, then you'll be included in the January draw.

*Should your comment tugs my heart, I reserve the right to choose that person as winner for that certain month. Meaning that you've shown how much my story/article/feature/review made an impact in your daily life then you have a bigger chance to win.

Better comments.. better chances of winning!!

For this month, One (1) lucky commenter will receive these five (5) Bioessence Privilege Pass from One Hyundai Lifestyle Club.

Thanks so much!!

This is not where you post your comments! I want to encourage you to interact with me on my other blog posts! :)

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