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I got so giddy when FOREVER collection was handedto me as a Christmas gift from our friends from Forever Flawless.

"The FOREVER collection gives you the power to charm and fascinate with divine notes of lemon, jasmine, violet, and vanilla. All products in the gift set carry the same alluring scent for an utterly beautiful and aromatic aura."

This set is complete in giving any woman or man (as it comes in male variant, too) the total body care she or he needs for the holidays and beyond. I really am ecstatic in using the all the items included in this kit. It seems to have everything for only just Php1,500 a box.

I'm sure that if mom is here, she'd want her own box as well. :)

The FOREVER collection contains the following, all of which contains a jasmine and violet notes

FOREVER Lightening Soap
For Flawlessly radiant skin, the FOREVER lightening soap carries the same hints of violet and jasminefor a charmingly harmonious scent. Leaves skin whiter and lighter.

FOREVER Lightening Lotion
Perfect for morning and night time use. This lotion rejuvenates dryness and tightness with soft whispers of the FOREVER scent on velvety skin. It also has magnificent brightening effects effect for a luminous and radiant complexion..

FOREVER deCrease Cream
The miracle cream contains the remarkable anti-aging line-eraser in a jar instant youthful skin. Also contains subtle hints of the FOREVER signature scent for an aromatic aura to match smooth and radiant skin.

FOREVER Sheer Powder
A refreshing, wispy loose powder for the face and body to brighten the skin. Contains the aroma of Bearberry to give you a silky, captivating appeal. Carries whispers of the FOREVER scent.

FOREVER Scent for Her
The soft notes of jasmine and violet embrace the energizing and charming freshness of lemons. The resulting  sensation is feminine, sweet, demure yet cheery and vivacious at the same time. Simply spritz on a little to take the edge off and inspire others around you to look on the brighter side of life

Packaged in this eco-chic wooden box and shiny pink paper (gold for the boys), this will certainly look good under the Christmas tree. But as for me, I couldn't wait any longer. I'm already using the deCrease Cream, Sheer Powder and the Scent. :) And I'm loving it!

I'm loving this Forever Collection, the floral scents of jasmine and violet makes me feel feminine and using them all makes it last longer against my skin. I particularly love the deCrease Cream which is like a primer. It also has botox so I hope that with continued use, my wrinkle and lines would, what do you know... decrease! :) The sheer powder works wonders as a body powder. I've yet to use the lotion and soap but I'm sure everything is great.

Get yourself the ultimate package this year with the Forever Collection. It's really giving you all your money's worth with these 5 items.

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