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Who here have ever been stopped by Aqua Minerals at your favorite malls? I have! And I just love their Body Butter. But back then, I had way too much body butters so I didn't opt to buy. Great thing that I now have one. Having these two products in my stash just make me wish mom is here with me.

Back home when mom was still alive, I use to share bath and body products with her. Well, actually, I would sneak and steal her body scrub or body butter and use them. Then, I'd forget to to return them and she'd be all furious! Now that I have one of the most luxurious body scrub and body butter, I wish she's here so I can share it with her... and I wouldn't mind if she use it all up... sigh.

The holidays have a way of dampening my mood because it makes me miss my mom. Big time. So if you're mom is still with you, give her a hug... better yet, give her the most wonderful gift this Christmas. Something that will show her how much you love her...

As for me, things like these will constantly remind me of her and somehow, I know that she's still a part of my life. Her teachings and influences have survived. And continues to live on in me...

When I was young, mom would always tell me to use a "bimpo" (towelette) to wash of the dead skin away from my body. I was very much an active child and got dirtied easily. Mom hated dark elbows, knees or uneven skin tone. She's not entirely strict to my bath rituals but she made sure I scrub myself off every so often.

Now that I'm an adult, I carried that tradition but of course, I upgraded myself to body scrub long ago which have a way of exfoliating skin a lot better and safer than just a mere towelette. What's better is that I am introduced to more luxurious products like the Aqua Mineral Total Silk Body Scrub, the salt of it came from the Dead Sea. We all know that Dead Sea have beneficial properties and could heal quite a number of skin ailments.

People spend a lot of money just to bathe in the Dead Sea, but for us who can't afford to travel.. Happy to say we can enjoy its goodness. When the Total Silk Body Scrub was tried on our skin, it really made a difference. The salt properly and safely exfoliated my skin and the oil moisturized it. It really made my skin smoother and glowing with just one go. What's great is that my skin didn't feel the usual harshness associated with body scrub.

For a much more luxurious experience, I partnered the Total Silk Body Scrub with the Aqua Minerals Blissful Body Butter! The scent does remind me of springtime with it's floral notes. What's great is that it's easy to spread and emulsify against my skin. I hardly needed to work spreading this body butter all over my skin. And the scent lasts even after I wake up til I showered... As for the whole day, I prefer to use a lotion with UVA and UVB protection which sadly this Body butter doesn't have.

But all is good, I noticed a difference in my skin when I started the Aqua Minerals Body Scrub and Body Butter rituals. It has even smoothened my armpits a bit (which seriously suffered from chicken skin and dry skin). I also noticed my elbows and knees are a lot smoother and silkier

I use the body scrub at least once a week and the body butter every night.

Both products are covered but I suggest getting a smaller container to avoid discoloration or contamination with these products. After all, these are natural and can easily attract bacteria because they don't any preservatives that are not good for the skin.

These two are so large that even with the price of Php2000 each jar, you'll really get your money's worth with these two!

I grew up watching my mom take care of her skin. Even when she frequently cleaned the house with harsh detergents, her skin never turned rough. She never scrimped on her body rituals. I thank her for teaching me how to take of myself. And no amount of Christmas gift will ever repay that...

But if shes's here... I'd give her these two. A small thank you for everything she sacrificed so I can be the person that I am now. I love you, Mom.. I'm sure you have all the gifts you'll ever want up there!

What about you? What are you getting your mom for Christmas?

Oh and watch out for a mini giveaway... I'm raffling off a Aqua Minerals Nail Kit worth Php1,500. :)

Aqua Minerals also offers skin care that has Renovage, the DNA Repair formula that aims to heal the skin from within! Only Aqua Minerals have this and been proven to work dramatically. Wow!

I can't wait to try these myself... after all, I'm not getting any younger. :) And I'm sure as I'm breathing that if Mom is here... she'd get these and another for herself.

But since she can't... I'd keep this on my wishlist. :)

Happy Holidays everyone!! :)

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Aqua Minerals Kiosks are found at SM Megamall, Robinson's Galleria, Robinson's Malate, Gloietta 5, SM North EDSA, SM The Block, SM MOA, Trinoma and at Abreeza Davao. :)

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  1. My gift for my mom is a blush from Clinique!   This is her favorite brand of makeup!  I am so happy I was able to get this for her because last year I did not get her an expensive gift because of my financial problems.  I so love her and so thankful to her for taking care of my son while I'm at work!  Moms are really the best noh? :) 

  2. saccharine015821/12/11 5:04 PM

    i don't know what to get for my mom.. :/ i might get her a gift set from kiehl's. :)


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