FRESH Fragrance Bar: The Place Where I Got The BF His Christmas Gift

Aside from the BF's good looks, husky voice and obvious intelligence, one thing I noticed right away is that he always smell oh-so with his Perry Ellis Reserve EDT! But other EDT's came into the scene as years went by and he stopped using Perry Ellis. But now that's about to change!

When I went to the Fresh Fragrance Bar at Eastwood Mall, I got excited when I saw Perry Ellis Black Reserve sitting on top of one of its shelves. I grabbed it immediately and had it on reserve because it was the last bottle they had. I was surprise that it was affordable! The largest bottle was only Php2,550! Ooops! Now the BF knows how much this Christmas gift is!

Oh! Just smelling Reserve brought me back to the days that R and I started to fall in love, when we would find reasons to sit beside each other at the library, how our knees thighs would touch inside our friends car and he would put his arm around me just so there's more space for me and I would take a whiff of his super uber manly scent. I just get so giddy whenever I think of those days... Then seeing where we are now nearly 7 years down the road. How far we've grown and how our love made everything easier for us despite the constant trials and changes.

I really hope that R will love his Christmas gift... :) Don't tell him, alright?

To show you where I got them, this is Fresh Fragrance Bar at Eastwood Mall. I went there with other bloggers and we got crazy over how affordable the perfumes are and how flexible their payment schemes are. They offer differed payments for perfumes worth Php3,000 and up!! Yey!!

The place is very spacious which is always a good thing and their sales associate aren't too intrusive but skilled in scents. They can offer you alternative to your favorite perfumes. Ron, my attendant that day, immediately notice that I was attracted to citrusy scents and so he directed to a few perfumes like Anne Sui, Clinique and some I forgot (need to visit Fresh soon) that is a bit more affordable than the ones I was initially looking at...

But of course, I chose to get the BF a gift instead of indulging myself to a new bottle of perfume. But maybe somebody will whisper to the BF's ear that I'm eyeing another bottle of Clinique Happy. :)

Santa, here are just my perfume X'mas list. :)

Santa, here's part 2!

Bloggers experiencing Fresh Fragrance Bar

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  1. awww that's so sweet of you. My hubby loves Dunhill fragrances. Maybe I should tell him about Perry Ellis Black.  and oh Clinique Happy has been my fave perfume for years.

  2. Czjai Reyes-Ocampo14/12/11 10:32 AM

    omg! php 2,550 for a 100mL perry ellis? that's dirt cheap compared to other malls' prices. 
    thanks for sharing this great find! :)

  3. What a fun blogger meet! Looks like the BF is gonna smell gooood!


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