Do We See Beauty in Ourselves?

Dove created this provoking video that I’m sure we all can relate to. I invite you to watch it.

I've been pretty much hanging with the same group of friends for half of my life and the video reminded me of the very same things that we have talked about in the past. I remember that some of us (raising my hand here) tend to go on self-pity mode and I would recite the flaws I have and maybe that's the reason why I got dumped... I'm sure you have these days, too.

When my friends and I met up for dinner, I thought to interview them same way as Dove did! See if I would get the same reaction as the ladies above and knowing how my friends are, I'm sure there will be loads of laugh with this. :)

Being friends with Ericka and Kathy for more than a decade, I knew they would find amusement and enlightenment in this type of interview. I see these two women as one of the most beautiful women in my life. I find them admirable and I wish that sometimes, I am in their shoes accomplishing the things they do. They are not only pretty on the outside but more so on the inside. I can't fathom sometimes why they have insecurities but I guess that in every woman, it is inevitable. No matter how pretty we are, we will always find something wrong in our body.... and yes, in our face and oftentimes, in our attitudes as well.

Ericka (she's actually my cousin but more so my bestest friend and partner in crime. wink! wink!) is the type that is never afraid to tell you what she thinks of your actions and decisions in life. She will never let a chance pass to tell you what she feels. She never fails to tell me when I'm acting stupid and yet she's always there to give me hug and wipe my tears away whenever my stupidity gets the best of me. I love that in her... I badly need a friend who's not afraid to hurt my feelings and she's exactly that. She keeps me in check and at the same time true to my own feelings, too.

Kathy is like a twin. We both grew up cuddled by our family but we pretty much have gone through many challenges. I always think that we're friends because we are both strong... no matter how much we've been stepped on, made to suffer and gone through millions of tears and sweat I look to her as that light at the end of the tunnel. Kathy and I aren't much of a talker when it comes to our problems... but sometimes, for both of us, silence breeds understanding.

I can't tell you enough that having these two as my dearest friends have made me realize that I am beautiful in my own way (may not be the Cindy Crawford way) but still... They help me focus on my strong points by encouraging me in this blogging and pursuing my passion. Unknowingly, we may often lose our way and still be insecure but this video reminds us that having real honest to goodness friends will always shine our way into a more positive path.

Okay, naiiyak na ko (I'm about to cry already!)

But seriously, I'm sure you guys have an Ericka and a Kathy in your life. And if you do, treasure them! They are worth more than any makeup or plastic surgery in the world! They will always see the best in you that you would even question why you question your own beauty!

Better yet, if your friends can see the beauty in you... I'm sure it wouldn't be that difficult to believe it yourself. :)

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