Benefit Cosmetics | Now Open in Greenbelt 5!

The much anticipated opening of Benefit Cosmetics here in the Philippines happened last December 15, 2011, and it's been earning raves since then! I must say that it has brought life to the lower ground floor of Greenbelt 5. What used to be an intimidating hallway now became engaging because the quaint pink store that has quite dominated the area.

During its second day, throngs of people still came in getting their coveted Bene-favorites

The store is abundant in testers! No reason for boo-boo's when trying to buy something. :)

B. Bright Skincare
Nothing makes a statement like a beautiful skin. Prepping your face with the B.Right line gives your face the much hydration and lit from within look. I'm be trying the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion with SPF 15 for next few weeks. It's oil-free so I'm excited!

It's Potent! Eye Cream is extremely effective and no surprise there because this is the best-selling among this this skincare line.

Box- O' Powder of Blushes and Bronzers

Dandelion | Coralista | Hoola | Bella Bamba
10 | Dallas | SugarBomb | Dandelion
And their latest.... HERVANA!

The Award goes to POREfessional!

The Brow Bar offers waxing services from our brows down to getting that much-raved brazilian!

Fragrances at Crescent Row

Makeup and brows aren't the only popular things in Benefit Cosmetics, even their scents are earning raves. My faves are Ring my Bella and Laugh with me LeeLee!

My Benefit Makeover!

I had a makeover of course, care of Marvin (whom we fondly calls "Mamita"). I love it when he calls me "anak" (child). He's so sweet and very much accomodating. His passion for the store shows and I'm so happy that he's the store manager for Benefit. 

This is Mamita Marvin. Look for him and he will show you the wonders of Benefit Cosmetics. :)

Products used (all Benefits of course!)

Triple Performing Face Emulsion
Paint Sticks in Tea Party
Hello Flawless
Smokin' Eyes (for the brows and crease)
Eye Bright Pencil
Velvet Eyeshadows
Speed Brow
Magic Ink
Bad Gal Mascara
Bella Bamba
Full Finish Lipstick in Mod Squad
Ultra Shine in Spiked Punch

before and after photos | another pic with Mamita

My dream closet!


Hello Flawless SPF 15

This little baby came home with me! Yey! You can use Hello Flawless! SPF 15 in two ways, with a brush and sponge. Brush for sheer coverage (great for touch-ups) or sponge for maximum coverage (to cover up them pimples and blemsishes). Yes! The brush and sponge comes in the compact!

"That Gal" Brightening Face Primer

"That Gal" brightening primer gives that dewiness that dull and dry skin ladies will love. Mix this in with your tinted moisturizer, or any type of foundation to bring life to your face!

Flash Mob never looked this beautiful!

I love the pretty flash mob that quite caught the attention of the crowd!

Wait.. is that Martha in the pink jumsuit belting out the tunes to Rumor Has It and All I want for Christmas? It is!!

I wish I could take home this super duper large Bathina but I just settled for the smaller one. :)

My Benefit Haul and Gifts!

I spent all afternoon inside Benefit. I was more than willing to anyway because of the blasted rain and traffic but you all know that wasn't just the reason. I stayed up until closing and did quite a damage to my credit card... but all is worth it! I thought that after getting everything on my list I'd be done with Benefit... boy was I wrong because my list got longer... Oh how I wish Santa thinks I've been good this year!

Thanks, Aubrey, for accommodating me last Friday night! :)

Have you gone to Benefit Greenbelt 5? Visit soon if you haven't!

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  1. I've been there last Saturday. Their stuff are to die for! I love your makeover Shen. You look blooming!

  2. denisecabotage19/12/11 2:08 PM

    Gandaaaa! So dewy and glowing!!! I WANT TO HOARD TOOOOOO.

  3. No fair. Any shade of lipstick looks good on you. No point of denying as I was here in your blog until 4Am. Haha!

  4. Hi Ms. Shen! You looked so pretty! Just wanted to ask, what specific product gave you that dewy, flawless look? I sooo want to buy whatever that product is! Thanks!

  5. You look so preetyy!!! BENEFiT IS <3  i just wish they open one in cebu.. 


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