Haul: A White Christmas with Jean and Rosz

I don't think my affinity to white accessories with wane anytime soon. It started a few years ago when I saw this cute pair of white and gold earrings at Moonlit Bazaar in Rockwell. Fast forward to today, I am still hauling white and gold earrings. Alas! Still at Moonlit Bazaar!

Jean and Rosz offers really chic up-to-date accessories that are worthy of a true fashionista. But even for a girl like me who barely knows how to put together an outfit, I find confidence in a pair of glittering gold earrings with white accents of something like you'll see below.

So when I visited Beauty Pro Cosmetics at the Digital Traincase booth a few weeks back, I was so happy to see Jean and Rosz, just beside it! What did you know! I bought two pairs of earrings! Holler!


I'm not exactly sure why I love pearls so much... probably because it's one of the first jewelries that I was allowed to wear in school and the fact is ... white! But this pearl clurstered earrings are ever so chic that goes well with a lot of my basics. Give that elegance to an otherwise ho-hum outfit. You know me, I'm not much of a fashionista.

Php150 (i think)

This "mentos"-like pair of earrings is just one of the many that I own. I like the smoothness of these accessories and how it lightens up my face. I find white accessories utterly classy and cool. 

Hmm... what does that say about me... But really, I love anything white and if I'm not "dugyot" I'd sport this with a complete white ensemb! White palazzo pants, tank tops and heels. But alas! I'd probably quickly smear jam all over in a matter of minutes. And I don't eat jam, ha! #LOL

Thankfully though, these earrings are far from getting dirtied by my clumsiness. Both will remain pristine!

Other than these two, Jean and Rosz have a trunkful of fabulous accessories. Find what tickles your fancy at their website!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.. don't you think so?

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