Korea's Nature Republic, Opens in SM Fairview

It takes a lot for me to wake up early. Seriously. I hate mornings. But when a dear friend asked me to attend an event that requires me to be up at 7 in the morning, I couldn't say no. I owe a lot to this person. She came through for me during tough times... and that's one reason why I hauled myself that morning and braved Manila traffic to attend a 10 o'clock launch! Thank God, there was a shuttle that waited for us at Makati!

This event was the launch of Nature Republic, a popular Korean beauty brand, at SM Fairview! Despite the far location, we went ahead and drove to that far away lang. Although I was told that Nature Republic is available in Festival Mall and SM North EDSA. Unfortunately for me who lives quite at the center of metro have yet to see what Nature Republic is all about.

I was surprise to learn that Nature Republic is one of the most popular brauty brand in South Korea and some cities in Asia. And that it has one of the biggest stores as well. Although I'm not much of a fan of Korean cosmetic brands, I know many of you out there are yearning for more of these brands to hit MNL.

The look and feel of the place reminds me so much of another Korean beauty brand. Actually, they seem to all have the same interior if you ask me. I like that the place is unbelievably open and spacey. And the lighting is so much better if you ask me.

They also almost have the same stuff, catering of course to what Korean and other Asian woman wants. You'll find BB Creams, pinktone base foundations, too light foundations and of courses uber sparkly eye shadows!

As for skin care they have the Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera, Blemish Lab AC line , Snail Therapy Hyrdo Gel Mask, Ye Seol Whitening Line and more. I was pretty much overwhelmed. There was a rack exclusive for hair, hair removal, men's skin care and a shelf full of sheet masks!

I like what I see here. There's a mousee BB Cream called Photoshot 3D Mousse BB with SPF30. This seem to be promising. There were several BB Cream price range from Php400+ to 1000+.

The nail polish shades are also impressive. They have one sold only Php65 and the other, which is a long lasting nail polish, is priced at 200. I stayed here more than any part of the store.

Eyeshadows come in different shapes and forms as expected. There's cream type, palettes, individual eye shadows, pens and powder. The choices are endless.

Provence lip gloss reminded me and Bambi of a previous MAC lip product. This was like only Php295.

The brush, tools and eyelashes seem to be made with quality. Prices are mid range, affordable even for students. 

Their skin care packaging looks a lot more impressive and fancier compared to other Korean brands I've seen.

The blessing took place a few minutes after we arrived.

Marjorie Lee and Tad Huang (hailed from Korea, Nature Republic officer for international stores), ready for ribbon cutting.

Bloggers and press ready to check out the new Nature Republic.

Tad Huang shows off Nature Republic's popular product, Soothing and Moisture Gel. Priced only at Php220+.

Hopefully they would open at mall near us. I had a lot of fun bonding with fellow bloggers during the launch. It seems likely their success will more and more especially that Filipino are in the All-Korean bandwagon. :) And despite its similarities with other Korean beauty brands, Nature Republic seem to offer unique products that isn't found elsewhere especially with their skin care line and BB Creams.

I wouldn't be surprise if next year they have several more branches opening. Hopefully, it's a mall near my home. :)

Congratulations, Nature Republic, to your new store. I look forward to trying out your products!

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  1. One of the eyeshadow palettes looked like one of those from L'Oreal.

  2.  Oooo... I've honestly never heard of Nature Republic. I wish I could check out one of their stores soon. The products look good and very affordable! Thanks for the heads up, Shen! :D -Dawn

  3. saccharine015813/11/11 9:25 PM

    let us know if you like any of their products! :) yet another korean makeup line.

  4. The lip liner is something that I got recently. It's quite affordable and it's smooth and creamy. :) I use it to line my lips before I use my lipstick these days.  

    The nail polish are so pretty~! I have yet to go back and get several more colors. But I am happy with the one I got. Plus a base coat and a top coat. :)

  5. have you tried the photoshot 3d bb ? how was it?


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