Clinique Real Women Party: Me and Pinky, My Date

First, I would like to thank everyone who joined the Clinique Real Women Party: Share your fave Clinique experience. I was touched with all your stories... but alas! only one can be my date that night. As per agreement, the BF chose 3 ladies who shared their Clinique experience through a comment post on my blog. Then from the top 3, Clinique chose one... and they chose Pinky!

Ladies and Gents, Meet Pinky. Who didn't gushed over her Clinique experience? I did! The hubby even said that we seem to have so much in common since she knows so much about Clinique as I do. I think we both do have one thing in common right off the bat...Pinky and I both have lovable husbands who understands our passion for things that interests! Me with makeup and Pinky with her collections of cute and fun characters! :)

The Clinique Real Women Party happened at the new counter of Clinique at Essenses Rockwell. This place is so pristine white and houses a lot of the major cosmetic brands and Clinique is situated at the front! There was a best-selling wall, a consultation area and of course the counters for skin care and cosmetics. I was like a kid in a candy store. Actually, both Pinky and I were.

Pinky first had a consultation with Clinique experts. Being a long time user of Clinique, getting this one on one session allowed Pinky to enjoy the tips and tricks and getting more acquainted with the brand she has been using since her teen years.

These are the products that Pinky have on her vanity. Yes, she's a Clinique fan through and through! Pinky strikes me as a person that her passion for anything that interests her never wane. It hardly diminish. It shows in her devotion to her children and husband down to her collection of Hello Kitty and Sylvannian Families. I don't think I can ad dedicated as her but it inspires me to be one. And this goes for her skin care as well. She hardly tries any brand once her then best friend (now her husband! how romantic, right?) gave her Clinique.

Le Sigh! 

Pinky hardly applies makeup but she did so that day for the Clinique Chronicles: Real Women Party and she looked utterly flawless. But given that she wanted to get her skin consulted, she let the Clinique Expert remove her makeup with the Take The Day Off Lotion. It was so good that she bought a bottle of it along with the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Facial Spray. See, what a Clinique devotee she is? I was just too happy to her enjoy everything!

Wondering who these two visitors? They are one of Pinky's favorite collection, the Sylvannian Families. She bring these two with her so they also get to experience going outside. Pinky shared that these two attended several concerts! How lucky! One thing about Pinky is her heartfelt devotion and loyalty for her favorite things. When she likes something, she hardly deviates from it. It shows in her extensive collection of Hello Kitty, Sylvannian Familes, Kimmi Dolls and yes, Clinique.

A devoted mother and wife , Pinky doesn't neglect her skin. As you can see from the post, her usage of Clinique for the longest proved fruitful because her skin is flawless! She hardly have any wrinkles and no blemishes at all. Her devotion and love for the products she uses returns the same by the obvious evidence we see in her.

Who could blame her for not dabbling with makeup (except, she says, on special occcassions), with a skin like that? That's why she took in the lesson that Tricia gave her when her makeup was being done. I was ecstatic when she said that she wanted to try out red lipstick similar to the one I was wearing! :) Go, Pinky!

I'm happy that I have a convert with makeup in Pinky. Although I doubt that she'll be as extreme with makeup as me, I'm glad she's looking into possibilities of how makeup can be a source of fun and inspiration much like Hello Kitty's and Sylvannian Families she collects.

Tricia really did a splendid job in bringing out the lovely features of Pinky. I can't tell you enough how giddy I was when this was happening. I couldn't wait to the end result and see Pinky all made up!

Just look how fabulous Pinky is after her makeover. Although I think she looked splendid to begin with. I guess love for life and from her husband does magic for her skin! :)

I was pretty pleased that my blog became an avenue for Pinky to have this day of fun, beauty and bonding with her favorite brand, Clinique.  It may seem shallow for some people that I talk about makeup and skin care on a daily basis when there is war, poverty and hunger amid us... but at that certain moment, spending that few hours with people who loves the exact same things that you do, made the world seem at peace. Does not make sense?

It couldn't have more real... Real women, real experience, real friendship, real brand... we have come full circle and so much more that night. I gained knowledge, memories and a new friend. It was a night I will never forget. 

Clinique Real Women Party was a blast. It even outdone my first real date! Who says you need a man to enjoy life? #lol Personally, Pinky was so inspiring... from her looks in life, how happy she is and the love that she and her husband have for each other. I hope that in the near future, I can have the same joys as she has.. the contentment in her eyes are so obvious that made me think I can it have for myself, too. :)

To say I had a great time was an understatement. Thanks, Pinky, for being such a wonderful date! :) You are truly an embodiment of the real women Clinique is looking for! No pretense, just plain love and joy!

If you want to know about Pinky's personal thoughts about the event, she's been kind enought to write about it in her very own personal blog. Please visit her at

Before I end this post and start on the actual event itself, where you'll see other bloggers who were there as well as their guests, let me first thank the person who has made this event possible....

Mira, thanks for this day!

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  1. Jennifer Fitzgerald14/11/11 8:33 AM

    awwh looks like fun :) 


  2. It was great meeting your date and it was an "awwww-fest" with her love story :)

  3. her skin is just awesome! this definitely looked so much fun!

    love your animal print wedges!!

  4. Jamillacamel14/11/11 5:13 PM

    What a wonderful event!

  5. saccharine015814/11/11 10:04 PM

    congrats to the winner! it's indeed great to find someone who you can talk to about makeup and skincare. :D

    love, love your outfit here dear! :)

  6. Hi, Shen! Thank you very much for the wonderful post! I had so much fun I am still talking about it now, weeks later, haha! The best part of the night was meeting wonderful people such as you, Mira, Kay, Sophie, Nikki, Lauren (okay, anyone else I forgot, blame it on my senior moments). I really felt at home with all of you, and I think it's because you were all so natural, no artifices or pretensions. You are all beautiful, inside and outside! Many, many thanks again!



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