Saturday, September 3, 2011

Winners of @NIVEAPhils Goodies | Congratulations!!

I had a "Share Your Blessings" giveaway in celebration of both the blessings I received for the past years and also to celebrate Nivea's 100 years contributed in the beauty industry.

I asked you to share your Nivea stories because I think most of us have used/tried Nivea one time or another. I personally have used Nivea majority of my High School and College years in trying to whiten by skin with their Extra Whitening Body Milk. I remember it being a constant purchase at the grocery and how my mom would always react on how "expensive" it was for a college student and still she will buy it. One time, she even bought me one without having me to ask (beg) for it.

Another reason that I was hooked on Extra Whitening Body Milk was because if its lovely scent. I just love lulling to sleep with the Berry Extracts wafting from my body. And it's one of the few non-sticky lotions that withstood the heat of frequent blackouts I had to endure during those times.

I wish I had more Nivea stuff to give to all those who shared their experiences but alas.. I only have 4. :)

And the winners are...  (drum roll, please!)

Rhania Escueta




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A DC said...

congrats girls! :)

rhaindropz said...

oh dear.. bakit ngayon ko lang ito nakita? =(

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