Haul: @MajolicaPH Majorca at SM Megamall (Mascara, Brow Pencil, Eyeliner)

August 29, 2011, Manila - Long Weekend in Manila. Ramadan for the Muslims but for the rest of us, it was an excuse to do nothing. I went to Megamall to finally get a much needed facial. So I went to Nisce Megamall and availed the 50% promo on their Diamond Peel treatment. It was slashed down to like Php900.

But the happiness didn't end there, before going home, I hit the beauty department of SM Megamall. I first stopped by at CoverGirl and got myself more Lip Perfection lipsticks (will blog about them babies in another post). Let's focus on my second stop,
the Majolica Majorca counter!

Brow Customize Holder and Brow Customize Brow Cut (BR 660)
So happy to see that the Brow Customize of Majolica Majorca comes in the sword cut shape because it's so much easier to use eyebrow pencil shaped like this.

Brow Customize Holder, Php225
Brow Customize (Sword Cut), Php295

I need to assemble the Sword Cut with the Holder which I think was weird. Hope they all come in one packaging already. Good thing though is that if I finish this one, I would just need to shell out for the refill. Good way to save money.

Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On Mascara

 Another purchase was (surprise! surprise!) another mascara! Thanks to Martha for inducing me to one myself. This is really a nice volumizing mascara for those with long lashes. I love the comb wand and how it evenly distributes the product on to my lashes. Easy to use, too!

Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On Mascara, Php795

Oh and mascara purchases at Majolica Majorca comes with a free Honey Plump Gloss for the whole of August. I wonder what's their next promo.

Last but definitely not the least, I got the Perfect Automatic Liner in Black (BK999) because well, I wanted this one in my favorite liner color.

Perfect Automatic Liner is Php695.

I was able to get a free Majolica Majorca see-thru bag since my purchase amounted to more than Php1,500.

I was less Php2,010 richer but happiness I felt after buying these things were.... Priceless!

Did you shop during the Long weekend? Share it here by commenting below!

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  1. awesome at at that price it's a steal ☺♥ medyo mas mahal sa sg than here, so even i would definitely buy MM products here ;-)

  2. wow, never heard the Brow Customize of Majolica Majorca before.. I want to get and try it now! haha thanks for sharing sis! xo

  3. ohh~ MM stuffies :3 i wish i can buy some when i have m0ney T3T

  4. prettyglitters3/9/11 1:33 PM

    wow i want that mascara! so cutee!



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