Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tony Moly Gray Nail Lacquer TR04

Years ago, applying a gray nail polish would have been something that I'd say no to. But seeing that beauty trends are becoming much open to the androgynous side, I say what the heck. Ever since seeing the gray nail polish trends on magazines (IRL and online) and seeing them one of Philippine's beauty editors, I finally summoned up the gusto to try this out.

But a nice gray polish is not as easy to find as I initially thought. I know Caronia, Bobbi or Ever Bilena has one bu the shade didn't really appeal to me. Good thing I saw this one at Tony Moly, the perfect concrete-like gray that seem to stand out among the bright-colored nail lacquers it was with. 

No regrets at all, I'm glad I made this purchase. :)

Do you enjoy nail polish posts here? If yes, kindly comment below and you may request some nail posts you'd like to see in the future. :)

Tony Moly Nail Polishes are available at Tony Moly Botique at SM Megamall, Building A.

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Marge said...

looks good ☺♥

Nikki said...

Ganda ng pagka gray! I can't seem to find a good gray polish pa :)

ynell ravina said...

i like the color.. will grab one at tony molly :D 

Scatterbraintures said...

It's indeed pretty.  It doesn't make your hand look dead.  Grey nail polish is tricky like that.

Michelle said...

I looooooove the shade!!!! :-)

Jamilla Camel said...

Very unusual, but pretty shade!

Issa said...

pretty! :)

curious_girl said...

I really really love grey on my nails, It looks good with everything! But I can't really convince myself on buying expensive nail polishes since I don't wear them everyday. I just have a few colors that I like and interchange them depending on my mood. 
Have you tried SanSan's Cloudy Grey, it looks similar to this! I actually like their palettes, but they have a small selection and can only be bought at HBC

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