Product Review: Tony Moly Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack

It's another work week ahead of us, ladies! Have you given your skin the care it needs for the stressful week?

The Tony Moly Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack has been with me for awhile. I remember when I was a kid that my mom would always bug me to drink a can of tomato juice every single day. It would be waiting for me after my breakfast and it tasted like metal. Now that I'm all grown up and learned how good tomatoes are for the skin, I pray that they keep stock again of those tomato juice because I just want to drink them now (minus the childhood tantrums) and just take in all its nutrients for a pinkish brighter skin.

When I saw the Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack, I was ecstatic because I wanted something that causes to detoxification and has lycopene properties in it. It was something that I was literally willing to dip my fingers into.

Containing Tomato extracted water and Tomato ingredients, this multi-functional massage and pack brings instant dual magic brightening and vitalizing and detoxifying effects into the skin. 
Being  a multi-functional product of sot massage and clean wash off mask, Tomatoc magic white massage pack delivers highly vitalizing, truly clarifying, magic brightening,  skin hydrating and protecting effects to the skin, leaves the skin amazingly bright, clear and supple.

The formulation is very creamy and sort of reminds me of nose strip pack that I use to buy at The Face Shop and Watsons minus the ickiness. This one is rather creamy almost like a mousse and goes on softly on to my skin.

Instruction goes is to make sure to have a cleansed face prior to using and that means, wash and towel dry the face. With an ample amount of the product, I softly massage massage for a good 1 - 2 minutes (but I often extend it to 3 minutes since I get distracted when watching a show.). Then I leave it one for a 5 to 10 minutes and wash it off with tepid water.

Next photo is bit scary. :) lol!

boo! lol!

The thing though, it stung a bit when I had the mask on after massaging. It's as if the mask was activated when I massage it and let it settle on my face. It especially stung and kind of itch around the sides of the nose and on the jaw lines. 

It's a good thing the stinging sensation dissipated after a minute or two. I was scared that I'd be dealing with redness when I remove the mask on.

As you can see, the bare face photo of mine above appear to look brighter and bit even. With prolong usage, you'll notice that there is brightness in the cheek area in a way that it is also pinkish.There is no visible red marks either from the minor irritation I felt. My face felt smoother espeacially if I exfoliated my face prior to this mask. 

I try to use this twice a week but with the number of products that I'm currently testing... well, i'm not as religious as i ought to be. But by and by, I did like the feel of this wash off mask. I feel good that I get in some tomatoes even it's just topically for a brighter and blushed looking skin. And it's another way to get in vitamins and minerals on to my skin. :)

You'll definitely love the immediate effect of this brightening mask despite it fading out in a day or two. Especially if you're frequently out in the sun. Massaging the face allows better blood circulation that gives that pinkish effect while letting the mask sit, gives time for the ingredients to be absorbed by the skin.

In time, you'll surely achieve a whiter, more even-looking skintone.. bit to mention it being smooth and supple.

It takes a while for the product to finish as well since one tub contains 80g, expires in 12 months after opening. And who wouldn't love the cute packaging? The BF thought it was a desk ornament where you store pins etc.! LOL! 

Tony Moly Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack is available at Tony Moly Store at SM Megamall, Building A (Former Etude Houde location, acroos Toy Kingdom).

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  1. The packaging is so cute and it sounds like a great product.  Thanks for sharing. 

  2. Ang cute ng packaging nito sis! Super na in love ako sa packaging pa lang when I saw this brand in Korea pa, they even have different fruits pa :D

  3. thanks for sharing! ang cute naman nito! :) 

  4. Thanks for the review! How much is the local price for this sa malls? Tia

  5. Hi shen! I have this as well and though I love it, i didn't see much difference. Perhaps I just used a wee amount. :p

  6. It's 500+ rei. :)

  7. Hope In A Blog22/9/11 10:36 PM

    Tonymoly's Tomatox has just been banned by the taiwanese government for high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. For more details :

  8. Hope In A Blog22/9/11 10:36 PM

    Tonymoly's Tomatox has just been banned by the taiwanese government for high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. For more details :

  9. hopeinablog22/9/11 10:38 PM

    Tonymoly's Tomatox has just been banned by the taiwanese government for high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. For more details :

  10. Tony Moly Philippines would like to ensure our customers that Tony Moly Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack “DOES NOT” contain any hydrogen peroxide. Due to unscrupulous reports from Taiwan, we would like to clarify on this issue that all Tony Moly products sold through authorized official Tony Moly stores here in the Philippines is 100% safe and have thoroughly passed thru multiple government safety standards from Korea and Philippines. If you have any queries, please send you concerns to feedback@tonymoly.phAttached images are SGS report from Taiwan stipulating that there are no traces (N.D) of hydrogen peroxide in Tony Moly Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack.

  11. Makeupjournal12/10/11 5:44 PM

    Hi shen what camera are you using pics are clear and crisp..:)


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