Product Review: Tony Moly Gel Liner in Black

During the Tony Moly Press Launch, I bought myself one of my most favorite makeup item in the universe, a gel liner. Knowing how Korean loves to accentuate their eyes with using eye liners, it got me curious how their gel liners works. Having been only exposed to western cosmetic brands, I thought to just finally give other Asian cosmetic brands a chance.

Being a big fan of applying liners, and gel liners at the top of my favorite products, I have high hopes. Did Tony Moly Gel Liner make the cut? Did it even graze the holy grail level? Find out!

One thing you'll notice that makes Tony Moly gel liner from others is the cute packaging. The brush is strategically placed on the insert of the top cap that makes this product all the more aesthetically pleasing to look at. 

The black gel liner looks very pigmented from the pot itself. I am keeping my fingers crossed at this point since many gel liners have already disappointed me.

eyeliner brush is shorter when taken out of its container

Oh! And the tiny liner brush retracts! 

it retracts to a decent size for applying the gel liner
It's a good thing that the brush is quite nice. It provides a nice precise  line and gives me that much needed lift my eyes need. Winging the tip is quite easy, too.

I do like that it has protective covering as well to further prevent the gel liner from drying up.

Here's a simple application I did for those of you whoa re curious about the Tony Moly Liner.

What I love:
  • Its similarly pigmented as my other affordable gel liners
  • Affordable at only Php365
  • Water-proof
  • Oily lid - proof (meaning, your shadows may be creasing but this won't)
  • But easy to remove with an oil-base makeup remover
  • It's easy to work with it apply on to your liners
  • The brush is very helpful for beginners . Yey for liners that comes with a brush! :)
  • Easy to travel with
  • Will last a for awhile

What I don't:
  • Takes a bit longer to dry compared to other gel liners (don't open your eyes yet after applying to avoid it stamping on your lids)

I don't think I would ever part with any of my gel liners and its nice that more and more products are now available for every beauty enthusiast out there. I remember back in 2007 how scarce gel liners are. Now it's easy to spot them. :)

And if you're on a look out for more beauty needs and ... well, wants.. check out Tony Moly Store at SM Megamall, Building A. 

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  1. looks lovely on ya and i heart the packaging! tony moly is yet to come malaysia..wonder if they ever will. 

  2. Hi Shen! I know you've reviewed the Maybelline Lasting Drama gel liner previously, how does this compare? My current one has dried out, and now I'm torn if I should just repurchase Maybelline or check out this Tony Moly version.

  3. nice! i have the blue, the purple the brown and the black LOL, addict lang :P

  4. HI Ms.Shen! :) You bought it at P365 only? Is it the Back Stage Gel liner or a different one? Coz when I checked the prices at Tony MOly's website, the price of Backstage Gel Liner is P498. Thanks in advance! ^^,

  5. Hi! I wonder which is better: Maybelline or Tony Moly? :)


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