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Happy Monday!!

Is it already July? How times flies! In a span of a year I've probably tried several whitening products out in the market and there's just no stopping. I've been recently sent a few of the products from Nivea Visage's Sparking White Line. I have the Whitening Foam, Whitening Scrub, UV Blocker and Day Care.

They created this line for those who seeks a fairer and glowing skin but feels the sun hinders too much whitening efforts. They also claim the that this line is being best for ageing, oily and dry skin alike.

This season may be full of rainy days but given that we are in constant battle with heat and humidity, whitening become already a big part in Filipina women's daily routine. So much so, that products that target oiliness from the humidity, protection from the sun's UV rays and whitening against redarkening has been a big part in many beauty companies. Most of them have already created one product or line that targets it all.

Nivea's Sparkling White Line is exactly that.

Nivea Visage Sparkling White

Let me share what does and how it differs from other products and I'll let you decide whether this one is worth your time and money. As I've made a beauty mission to try almost anything (almost if not all), I'm quite aware that what works for me may not work for many. But please do indulge me because I am quite an addict in sharing you what I have. Lol. :)

It's quite obvious that when we want to achieve a fairer skin, we need to protect it as well. That's why we try not to stay out in the sun too much, cleanse our face well and make sure that it is always at its best.

Here are my take on the products from Nivea Sparkling White line.

Nivea Sparkling White Whitening Foam
What I love:
The after squeeky clean feel
Provides a really cleansed face as I see little dirt from my toner after washing (when I don't have makeup on)
The citrus-y scent may be a little strong but I found I love the lingering scent of it after washing
No nonsense whitening foam

What I don't:
So far, nothing.

Period of usage:
One month up to present

Nivea Sparkling White Whitening Scrub

What I love:
Almost everything
I love the after feel after scrubbing
Micro beads isn't too harsh to the skin and dissolves as I scrub my dead skin away.
Leaves a feel of a well-exfoliated face.

What I don't:
Nothing. I love this product!

Period of usage:
One month up to present

Nivea Sparkling White UV Blocker

The Sparkling White UV Blocker is the hero of this line, so please indulge me in sharing you its selling points.

1. Whitening from inside and outside
Sparkling White line have White Crystallites which naturally reflects micro pigments for Outer Fairness.
      What it means? As we all know crystals have a way of capturing light and in turn provides us a look of fairer appearance. Result is an immediate whitening effect.
For inner whitening Sparking White has the following:
  • White Pure Actives - regulates melanin production = our skin won't darken too much.
  • Soy Extract - repairs and renews our skin = our skin becomes fairer in return.
2. Boosts Skin Hydration
      Hyalouric Acid is found in the Sparkling White line.
          Despite our belief that us oily ladies don't need hydration, we do. The drier our skin becomes, oil production workd doubly hard when it feels it needs to compensate... hence, a yuckier oilier skin. That's why we need to trick our skin in thinking that it has enough moisture in them. Cool, right?
            And that's where Hyalouric Acid comes in. Result is a smoother, translucent yet oil-free appearance of the skin. 
3. Protection against sun damage and redarkening
              With an SPF30 PA++ UVA and UVB filter system, this protects the skin from the sun and lessen our redarkening which makes whitening easier.

What I love:
It's oil-free and water-base
Doesn't affect my makeup when I use it
Gets absorb easily to the skin and dries to an almost matte finish
Scent is a little strong but doesn't also linger on the skin
Has a good SPF 30 PA++ which protects from both UVA and UVB
Good enough for everyday use
Affordable at Php400 for a 50ml bottle
The container is travel and spill safe
It has whitening effects
Moisturizes the skin without it making look oily
Easy to apply to the skin
It's an all-in-one product
Relieves skin tightening

What I don't:
Can have a thick feel to the skin compared to some water-light variants I've tried.

Period of usage:
Sporadically for one month up to present (I use a separate sunblock for days I'm on field)

Nivea Sparkling White Day Care

What I love:
How it makes my skin feels hydrated
Smoothens my skin for make up application
Provides an almost matte effect
Applying is an easy feat as its easily absorb

What I don't:
Nothing yet. Still need further review.

Period of usage:
Sporadically for one month

So far, I like using this during the evening to prep my skin for makeup as it aims to control shine as it says in the package. And I think applying my powder foundation became easier when I use a cream-like product prior to makeup application.

On Whitening and what nots

Whitening or at least going back to our natural skin tone is something that all of us want. I know many of us out there loves the skin we were born with but its a fact that we try to look our best as much as we can. Products like Nivea Sparkling White is a good line for maintenance and improvement. I've found that these products need a certain time before we see its effects. So patience is really needed. What's important is that we keep our skin protected.


If you ask me what to get from this line, I advise on purchasing the Whitening Scrub and UV Blocker. The scrub for removing excess dirt and exfoliating as least twice a week while the UV Blocker for sun protection and immediate result of fairer and glowing skin. UV Blocker has several uses which is always a good money saver and I like that its SPF30 with PA++ for longer and higher protection against UVA and UVB.


Thanks for indulging me. Hope I was able to provide you with yet another option on what you can look out for in whitening and sun protection products. :)

Have you ever tried anything from Nivea Visage or from the Sparkling White? Share them with me, loves!

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  1. Thanks for this review. I wanna try the Sparkling White UV Blocker. I'm not using any sunblock on my face so this might be a good product for that. :) 

  2. I just bought the night cream. my friend swears by it.

  3. I am still ot able to use this product line but base on your review it really sounds promising ; )

  4. I'll definitely consider this once I run out of my current skin care system :-)

  5. will keep this in mind once I finish the one I'm using right now...thanks for the review! :)

  6. I use the Sparkling White Day Cream and I really love it! The Scrub sound interesting, maybe I'll try that some day. Thanks for the review!

  7. i have pimples and my skin is a bit oily, do u think this product suits me?

  8. i had a a lot of acne before, and i came to the point that i cant look at myself in the public restrooms mirror with some of the girls in there because my face was really terrible.. i had it like years and i went to one product to another and even had it done by dermatologist, it will be gone only for  a few weeks and it will come back later, so i was hopeless.. just last year my friend from the US sent me this proactiv products and it really cleans my skin but leave some discolaration around my checks and nose.. so i am still using this product along with this Nivea Visage night cream sparkling white.. and i love the result.. i have radiant face now, it does not made my face white but it lightens the uneven skin, i am so satisfied about the result..

  9. Can we use the white cream and the blocker together ?
    As in applying the day cream and then the UV blocker .
    And whats the benefit of using the night cream ?

  10. i still new to this product and my friend recommend that uv blocker is the best! so, i need to try it on because my skin is little darker.

  11. هل تفهم اللغة العربية علشان اسالك عن غسول الوجه


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