My Naraya Bag a.k.a The Golden Sidekick

Do you bring a lot of stuff with you? Because I seriously do! I bring a lot of stuff! I bring my camera, my Charm Travel Pro brush set, an eyeshadow palette, blush, tissue and sometimes extra shoes and change of clothes. But canvas bags can often be a bore (and sometimes tacky) and it doesn't really protect some of my breakable stuff.

So, I started using this quaint golden Naraya bag that can house most of my the things I can't leave home without. Doesn't it look uber pretty with its gold bow (that you can remove)? And it goes well with ALL of my outfits!

I also use this as a second bag for my palettes for makeup gigs because it has a soft cushion that can protect my palettes. And even with its cloth covering, it's water-resistant, too. No water can get in with this baby.

I'll probably use this as a diaper bag when I have my own bag. Just to veer away from the norm, no know. And I was never really a fan of those icky pink diaper bags.... it's so... pink. hehehe!

 I also like that the hardware is gold. I know a lot of bags now have gold hardware but Naraya already had these a few years back which means they are up to date with style.

I keep my house keys here so I don't have to carry it on my main bag.

And I do like their logo. Cute, right?

What about you? Do you have a second bag that has all the other essentials you can't put on your main one?
Thanks to Alma, she's the one who got me into having two bags. :) Hehehe!

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  1. oh, i wanted to have 2 bags too because I also bring a lot of stuff but I only commute going to work so that would be a hassle :(.... But I love your bag!  It's so pretty!

  2. I can't carry two bags. Carrying one makes my back hurt ; ( But I do have a Naraya gold pouch (same design as yours) where I put my make up when I go to the gym ; )

  3. I usually only carry one bag but I overstuff it haha.  This gold bag is so cute with the bow. 

  4. Charry Reyes9/7/11 12:47 AM

    Cute! I love the color!


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