YumYum: H.K. Choi Chinese Restaurant

To be honest, despite my Chinese genes, I was never into Chinese food. But when my Tito brought me to H.K. Choi (located at the Atrium of Megamall), I got hooked. I loved their Peking Duck. It's one of the best Peking Duck I've had, aside from the one at Peking Garden.

But more so than the Peking Duck, I fell in love with two dishes which I will featuring here today. I frequently visited H.K. Choi. One of those times was with my dear friend, Sophie, Jheng and Mark. Here though, I was just visiting on my own... no special occasion. It's one of those days that I was unusually craving for these dishes.

 Sweet and Sour Pork

It's uberly filled with that sourly sweet sauce but the meat remain oh-so crunchy that I can't help but take a bite after another. It's such a comfort food for me. I love how coated each meat with such a great-tasting sauce. I wish I could eat it everyday. It's highly addicting. I'm so not a pineapple person, but H.K. Choi's Sweet and Sour Pork makes me eat it like its a staple in my meals. Oh boy! I'm getting hungry while I write this.

 Roast Duck

Another favorite that I always order whenever I'm in this restaurant, is the Roast Duck. I wish i could order the Peking Duck whenever I'm here but tha isn't case. Not only is it not within my budget, but it's not fit for just one person. So, I settled with Roast Duck instead. But boy was I wrong! This dish is sensational (at least in my standards). I love how juicy and tasty this dish is. It's a feast already by itself. The boyfriend particularly love this, too.

I find myself becoming the mayor of H.K. Choi at Foursquare by the frequency that I visit it. I love the ambiance, the intricate chandilier, the quite settings and the orderly seating arrangement. I love staying at the booths that overlook the Ortigas Business Center and the lighting is magnificent for taking photos of the food during lunchtime. It can get busy during the evenings that why I prefer going there before six in the evening before the place gets packed with patrons.

I'm a happy person after leaving H.K. Choi. It will take quite a while before I find myself liking another Chinese Restaurant. Lol.

What about you? Any favorite Chinese restaurant?

*Photos taken with Nikon D5000 with Nikkor 35mm lens. Photos are unedited.

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  1. This is my family's favorite restaurant! We're Chinese, too, so we're super picky about Chinese restaurants. A few masquerade as "authentic" but blech. 

    Anyway, HK Choi is great! Our favorite dishes are the hot prawn salad, pigs knuckles (Taiwan style) and the seafood hotpot :) Dimsum's great, too.

  2. Try Emerald Garden near US Rmbassy in Manila.They've got the best Chinese food for me.

  3. yeah, i like it here, too. the food is not as oily as other Chinese restaurants and i don't have a bad head ache after eating here.  which kinda tell me they use very little msg or none at all ;-)

  4. Yes, that's a good thing. :) The Roast Duck though is a bit oily. lol. :)

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  6. Nice to know! :) I will try the hot prawn salad and seafood hotpot next time! :)

  7. Beautynomics26/6/11 2:31 PM

    Let's go back!

  8. I was never into Chinese food too but these look delicious!!!

  9. Sweet & Sour Pork!!! Shen that's m super duper favorite food!

  10. Mine, too! When it comes to Chinese food, that is. :)


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