Makeover at Creations Salon by Lourd Ramos

Creations Salon is the latest and hippest trendy salon in the Metro that boasts of the latest in hair styling techniques and a place to give yourself, a much needed attention. Owned by the famous hair stylist and makeup artist, Lourd Ramos, the salon provides a luxurious effect with its interior. I like how such a small space was maximized and made me feel as if I was in a different place.

When I got invited to the press launch, I couldn't say no. It was a nice way to unwind during a hot summer morning and be with people that loves the same things as I do. Present at this press launch were:
Isabel Roces getting her manicure and pedicure

Alex and Kira trying some of Davines' latest hair treatment

And for my makeover, Here's  me getting a much deserved. Thanks to fabulous people from Creations Salon. :)

This is me with Carlo Amboy, getting hair treatment, too.

Also had a minor hair trim from Carlo.

The hair master, Lourd Ramos, at work

With Carlo. Look how fabulously volumed he made my hair. It's love!

Happily made over!

I was quite in hurry during a press launch. But I was glad that with the time constraints, Carlos was able to do his best to do the treatment as well as a trim and he was even able to curl my hair via a roller brush and a blow dry. :)

There are now quite a number of salons out there. But if you wish for a reasonably priced one, with a nice space and the best stylists, keep this salon in mind. I've been here again a few days ago, this time a rainy day. For the price I paid and the service I got, I think I got more out of the deal. :)

Thanks for reading! What about you? What's your latest salon discovery? Share it with me please!

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  1. awww i wish had such full thick hair like you do ;-)

  2. It could get heavy most of the times.. :) i want naman a not-so thick hair. lol!

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  4. wow! i love your makeover!  how much was the treatment miss shen?

  5. Super loooove the outcome!!!

  6. Pretty!! I am glad you are back! haven't see you though ; (

  7. Nice! It suits you well :). 

  8. angelamhiere27/6/11 12:10 AM

    Oh Ms. Shen! You look so lovely!!! ^__^


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