When did you meet your very first Nivea product?

For me, it was through my Tita Toni's vanity. I was nine or ten when I first opened that tin can and I swear this is the first time she'll ever know about this. I didn't understand it at first, the rich creme along my skin and everything. But one thing I know... I love the smell of it!

My next introduction to this brand was when I was in highschool and I wanted to have a fairer skin. But it was more important for me to like the scent. For more than 5 years, I've been using NIVEA Extra Whitening Lotion that I think this was the 3rd or 4th time it revamped its packaging. It was what I would say, my go-to lotion.

When a friend from Nivea informed that they turned 100 years in caring for millions of skin worldwide, they wanted to include us in the celebration by sharing with us a the famous blue tin can and making me reminisce my childhood again. I'm sure if my Tita knew about the me playing with her Nivea Creme before, she'd be taking this one just to teach me a lesson. Lol.

Now that I have a bit of experience in testing different moisturizers like face creams and lotions, I find it not surprising that a product like this would be a bestseller. It's a multi-tasker and what we would call "Pang Pamilya". Everybody can use it, any skin type and discriminating no body parts. 

Ever since receiving this, I use this as a hand cream. My hands been dry like crazy ever since we decided not to hire a maid. From washing dishes and clothes, to cleaning floors and the bathroom, my hand took a beating. Rich moisturizers like Nivea Cream really do come in handy especially during these unpredictable weather changes. And since it comes in a compact packaging, I can keep it in my makeup kit.

Caring for my skin has been an important aspect in my life for the past three years. When I think about why, the only thing that comes to mind aside from the harsh reality that the sun is drying it up, is  that I want my boyfriend to always feel a smooth skin whenever he touches me. I want the contrast of our skin to be apparent and I want him to know that for the rest of our lives, he'll always have a soft skin to touch no matter what. Cheesy, noh? Hehehe!

Got no choice, I fell in love with a man who richly deserved to be loved and spoiled. :)

Nivea has gone from making the Nivea Creme to an international success and they have found that skin differs from one country to another. It was important for Nivea to uphold their mission which was to give a better skin for everyone. From that invention of Eucerit, Nivea have built a multitude of products that caters to all skin type. They provide us tropical dwellers with sun care to moisture rich lotions and bath care for those living in cold climates, up to creating separate lines for babies and men.

Thanks to Mikki for sharing these things to me about Nivea and making me reminisce again about my childhood kakikayan and how I am still one even now.

Happy Birthday to Nivea!

To know more about Nivea products, please visit their facebook page.

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  1. I love Nivea!!!! I first used them since High School when mom started to teach me things about taking care of myself. I've used the Nivea Extra Whitening but I stopped using it for awhile and decided to use the Nivea Creme which is very very moisturizing! It did wonders to my legs when it was so dry during the past rainy weeks.

  2. oh, i was like you sneaking up on my mom's Nivea Creme, hihihi....i think i was high school at that time....

  3. I think the first item I had of Nivea's was a lip balm I got from my mom! LOL

  4. "I want my boyfriend to always want to touch and hold me as I do him" - hmmm...  I think this is a case of converting straight from Tagalog to English.  I've been reading your blog for the longest time and I noticed that you don't proofread/check before posting.  I'm not a hater, don't get me wrong, my intention is to help improve your blog.  I love reading your posts but there's a need to brush up on grammar and spelling. 

  5. My first was the one in the blue tin can above. It's just lying around the house since I was a kid and we always have it there.


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