YumYum: The Cake that has No Rival

And no I don't mean cake foundation. I'm showing you now the cake that has no RIVAL in my heart!

Sansrival cake!!

I guess that's why it's called Sansrival... because it has no rival. At least in my heart! :) I plan to learn how to make my own Sansrival but until that day comes, I'm getting my Sansrival fixed from Red Ribbon, Mom & Tina's, Goldilocks and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I heard that Dumaguete have the best Sansrival Cakes and I can't wait til I get me some of that... If you're wondering how long I finish this up.. 4 or 5 days? I know right? I'm so addicted to cream/sugar based sweets that it's going to be the death of me.
And I don't know why I'm posting this when I already ate my last piece of Sansrival!! Bugger!

Must ask the BF to get another whole cake.. hehehe!

P.S. The cake above is from Mom & Tina's from their C5 Pasig Branch. :) That's where I get my favorite Meringue.

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  1. You should really try Dumaguete's Sansrival it 's the Best sansrival I've ever tried.

  2. Omygosh! Sansrival.... sans rival... that's so cool!!! =))

  3. Which Sansrival cake is your absolute favorite? :D

  4. I have a sweet tooth myself and now I'm drooling over your pictures of sansrival & meringue. Must get those soon! :)

  5. you ever try Conti's Mango Bravo? :) the only cake to possibly surpass "Sans Rival" which is my favorite cake as well.. but there's a secret. Mango Bravo uses a SANS RIVAL BASE :) it's basically Sans Rival on steroids


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