Caronia's Summer Bliss Collection - A Candy-colored Rainbow

Ooohh! I could feel the summer already and it's my favorite season of all. That's why you can never ever make me move anywhere else that isn't tropical. I love my country with it's beautiful beaches, lively, beautiful and hospitable people and tons of activities to do during the season. And I love how it's practically summer all year long and going to beach is just a matter of whether we have time to sneak away from work. Oh how I love my Pilipinas!

But enough of that because it's not till May til I can feel the sand beneath my toes and feel the salty water against my skin. Oh but do I dream it everyday now.

Just look at Caronia's 2011 Summer Bliss Collection? Doesn't it remind you of summer ice cream flavors of pistachios, mango, melon, strawberry and ube? :) Cuteness factor skyrocketing if you have this on your nails when you frolic under the sun this season.

 On-The-Go (Aqua Green)

 Sweet Surprise (Lemon Yellow)

Sun Kissed (Pumpkin Orange)

 Baby Pink (Salmon Pink)

Summer Fling (Coral Red)

First Crush (Rich Lilac)

Caronia suggest wearing one or a pair of nail polish, one on your fingers and another on your toes.
Instantly relive your sweet sixteen days by painting your fingers with Baby Pink (salmon pink) and your toes with On-the-Go (aqua green).
Sizzle your way to the beach with the warm hues of Summer Fling (coral red) and Sun Kissed (pumpkin orange) on your digits

Or if you just want to let loose, then try on First Crush (rich lilac) paired with Sweet Surprise (lemon yellow) for a young and vibrant vibe.

But why not try painting your nails with all the shades of Summer Bliss Collection? Go candy colored nails this summer while sporting that beach body worthy in a white bikini. Pak!

Aren't the colors remind you of Nips candy or the Smarties? Oh the joys of youth! Summer is indeed in the air as I feel a bit more playful lately.. Can't wait to build sand castles, burry myself under the sand and eat lots of inihaw! And of course, rocking my nails with Caronia Summer Bliss Collection. Hahaha!!

Will you be sporting colorful nails this summer? What are your picks from the Caronia Summer Bliss Collection?

BTW, you try the summer bliss collection by using the virtual hand on the Caronia Website. Check it out! :) Or check out their facebook page:

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  1. CodenameAYA2/4/11 1:22 PM

    Ooooh I'm so gonna get these! I only have baby pink now. Shade's are lovely! :D

  2. The colors look amazing!!!!

  3. i had no idea caronia had nice colors!

  4. IKR! but they really have nice shades talaga. their reds are to-die-for and a beige one called Joy na super love ko! :)

  5. my fave are on-the-go and summer fling!! i love!!

  6. they really are! if only my nail polish application could be as amazing!

  7. wow i love it :D this will look good with my shoes hahaha :D

  8. Sofia Gatchalian4/4/11 9:33 PM

    I love it! I'd try ALL of them! ♥


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