Majolica Majorca Sugary Trap Collection: Jeweling Eyes Palettes in Carmelise and Strawberry Cake

I am just in love with the Majolica Majorca's Sugary Trap Collection for this Spring, but what caught me fancy was the Jeweling Eyes Palettes. It's amazingly smooth in texture as I've claimed in my last post on it. How such a cute whimsical thing jam-packed such a quality makeup, I don't know.

Aptly named Carmelise and Strawberry Cake, these two palettes remind me of sweet pastries. These two incredibly looked like square-shaped shortcakes. :)

But it obviously isn't edible. lol. But it will definitely give you the sweetest eye makeup look ever! Jeweling Eyes Palettes have different degrees of shimmers in each pans and the finish is just a bit sheer to give a sweet innocent effect.

To say the least, Jeweling Eyes are very subtle. The shades may look a bit sheer but you can certainly build it up and with the use of the sponge tip, you'll get the pigmentation you like.

A bonus is that it's not chalky. It actually feels very satin-y and it is very easy to blend.

Carmelise (BR631), Php795

I could definitely see myself using this more as bronze is my second name. :) You know how crazy I can get with shadows in this color family. And it looks like it's a great everyday palette.

loving the effect againt my skin.

Strawberry Cake (PK330), Php795

I've been eyeing a pink palette for sometime now and I'm glad I waited before making a purchase. Strawberry cake seem to be the best pink shimmery palette for me. And it has that bright pink eye shadow that is definitely going to help me make a statement this summer. Love it!

Attention-grabbing colors... definitely up my alley, eh?

I am loving Majolica Majorca day after day that I get to play them. Now that they have a counter open near my place, it'll be easier to sate my cravings. I got a few things that I want to play with soon and I can't wait to buy them and partner with these Jeweling Eyes palettes from the Sugary Trap Collection.

Have you tried these? Are you getting addicted to it as much as I am?

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  1. the packaging is so cute and elegant at the same time. :)
    never tried their brand, pero mukang mpapabili nrin ako :))

  2. Awww thanks Shen! How is everything with you? Hope all is well! You need to visit California oneday! :)

  3. Everything looks so pretty and girly!

  4. No time yet! But i do wish for it though. :) can't wait to see your wedding! :) congrats again!

  5. bangbangsheshoots18/4/11 1:37 PM

    wow these palettes are so pretty and pigmented. I have no idea why I haven't bought more.. I only own 1 of their MM palettes.

    Thanks for the comment Shen! I think the Clarisonic does the bulk of the work, and the rest is the BB cream I like to use!

  6. super pretty! yep MM is very addicting. i am loving their retractable liquid liner, i wanna get all shades!

  7. those look beautiful =D for some reason I have horrible taste in picking shadow palette colours online. I love those shades! thanks for the excellent quality photos!!

  8. These are too cute to miss; they're so pigmented too! :)

  9. they look so cute! i like the carmelise palette! gotta get one! the shades are for everyday use in the office! :)

  10. i love the shades of the caramelise. i asked if this collection was available na in mega they just looked at me funny :-(


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