Estee Lauder's New CyberWhite Brilliant Cells Press Launch

I admit, I find scientific things boring. But when it comes to beauty, I find myself clamoring for the information and product sheet that I would rather have them than the free product. I like reading press releases of the latest skin care as it gives me everything I want to know. I enjoy learning the science behind what makes a product work, what else have they come up with, what did they discover in the course of their research. I'm sure I'll make my chemistry teacher proud when she learns all she taught me wasn't for naught.

I was invited to the press launch of Estee Lauder's New Cyberwhite Brilliant Cells. It's a reformulation of the very popular CyberWhite EX that combats hyperpigmentation and provide a clear, even, luminescent skin that's from within.

New CyberWhite Brilliant Cells targets the different kinds of dark spots. I certainly didn't know that! There's the Barely Visible Spots, Small Surface Spots, Stubborn Age Spots and the newly Discovered Recurring Spots.

And with every spot, Estee Lauder - with it's 25 years of experience in skin whitening - now has provided solution for these troubling spots. And along with that, they have also given answers to skin's dullness: Dehydration, Uneven Skin Texture, Disorganized Collagen and Poor Microcirculation.

Did you know that Asian skin has less blood flowing on to our skin resulting to a dull looking one? I certainly didn't. But it made a lot of sense. I notice that as I age, my skin is less rosier and my skin a lot sullen. And all because of poor micro circulation of blood.

Estee Lauder CyberWhite Brilliant Cells aim to resolve that and to ultimately give the skin a brighter, even looking tone that is long-lasting.

See? See what checking out product information does to me? Now I won't be able to sleep unless I get to try even just one product from this line! Oh the bane of being a beauty addict!

Aside from the skin care product demonstration, they also provided one about the makeup line of CyberWhite Brilliant Cells.

Isabel Roces, Agoo Benzon, Nichole Reyes-Mercado, Regina Aquino and Cindy Go

Lovely ladies from the publishing and internet media graced the event of the CyberWhite Brilliant Cells Launch.

Trixie Reyna, Managing Editor for and Frances Amper-Sales, EIC of  OK! Magazine and

Regina Belmonte, Beauty Editor for Cosmopolitan Magazine, Kim Tan-Rodriguez of

Liz Lanuzo of and another beauty enthusiast

Sandra Lacson, Brand Manager and Liz Pe Aguirre, Brand Coordinator for Estee Lauder.

Am I getting addicted to whitening and brightening products? Oh boy, I think I am!

Thanks to Estee Lauder Philippines for inviting me to this very intimate launch.

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  1. nice event! as usual na missed ko! Pero thanks for sharing your experience, parang andun ako sis!

  2. Hope to see you again Shen :)

  3. I generally stay away from whitening products cause I don't wanna look ghostly! LOL

  4. rotfl. i know what you mean.. but this one is more on giving that even skintone look. :) targets only those that need lightening. :)


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