The Baby Powder Addiction

One quirky thing about me is that I still use baby powder. I love the feel of it against my skin and I don't consider my grooming rituals complete without it. I got it from my mom, who even at her 50's used baby powder right after applying her lotion.

Ang bango at presko kasi! And I love smelling like a baby. I'm sure that if I have a daughter or a son of my own, I'd shower her/him with baby powder as well.

My preference was always Johnsons & Johnson but I also love the scent of Tender Care. :)

What about you? Do you use baby powder?

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  1. hehehe i haven't given up on using baby powder, especially on my hair [on the 2nd day]

  2. Dang_villanueva4/4/11 12:54 PM

    Yes, I still carry it everyday. It freshens me up on hot, humid days. =)

  3. I use it for my hair when it gets oily! LOL

  4. For the face, try Lewis and Pearl Oil Control powder. :) It controls oilies talaga!

  5. I actually don't use pressed powder; all I use is baby powder. :) I find it more effective in controlling oil.

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  6. Yes! I can't live without it! lol! still using it on my face specially when its mainit and my face becomes oily

  7. Gracemarks4/4/11 6:24 PM

    Hahahaha! Sis, I'm the same! Although I've moved from Johnson's to Coco Chanel talcum powder and now I'm also loving Chanel No.5 talcum powder. I know what you mean having talcum powder on our skin. Funny thing is, I've been using Johnson's baby lotion on Sam and at 12 he's starting to hate it but it doesn't stop me from doing it hahahaha! Apparently, one of the girls told him that he smelt of talcum baby powder and he shouted at her... 'Shut up!!!' It's so funny!!!

  8. Love the scent, I use it after I come out of the shower


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