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OOTD: Promod Skinny Gray Jeans


Promod Top; Promod Jeans; Parisian Shoes, Aldo Bag; 
Pashmina Shawl (gift from Alma)

I'm not really into jeans since I started gaining weight. But what the heck! This pair fits me like a glove and it makes me look slimmer than I really am. Thanks to Tara who had a good eye when everything around us was so chaotic that even with a drink in tow, she managed to grab a real nice jeans. :) Elaine and I, seduced with how it complimented the svelte Tara, each grab a pair, too.

Promod's Denim Bar

Jeans have revolutionized women over the century and I think it speaks of freedom and independence. Imagine how taboo it was to wear trousers or pants before. But now, it's practically in every women's closet. :)

Promod's Denim Bar

Boy, am I glad to be born in a world that women have more freedom... and not just about clothing. :)

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