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Under the Majolica Majorca Spell


Like the legend of Majolica Majorca, it felt as if I'm that bird who doned herself with feathers she gathered to look and feel beautiful. But instead of feathers, it's with makeup. Suffice to say that I've always felt like an ugly duckling ever since I was young. I was always last to get picked by my teachers, my classmates were a lot more immaculately pretty and finesse. I never really had any talent to be proud of. I was always awkward and clumsy. I talked with a high pitch voice that irritates people, I had very low esteem and I tried to block that off by being loud and sometimes, obnoxious. I was scared of people judging me. I would have a hard time sleeping whenever my teachers would say that I needed to improve myself because I was really giving my best.

School was pretty tough for me and being an outcast with only little few friends who understood  medidn't really make school a good experience for me. Not to mention that my mom was the only one taking care of me and she was more at work in order to pay the bills. All my life, it felt as if I survived all the bullying and low self-esteem on my own.

But when I discovered that I had a knack in making nice gold accessories that makes me feel good and then transitioning to makeup and learning how to use it, it's as if  I was home. With makeup, I felt that I could make myself into a person I've always wanted to become, a beautiful confident girl. And all fell into place after that. It felt as if the Goddess of Beauty tapped her wand at me, uttered the words "Majolica Majorca!", and gave me not only a permanent beauty that only with a good heart could be seen but also gave me a confident that even the hardest trial cannot waver.

Looking at the box of goodies as I opened the Majolica Majorca Philippines gave me, it felt as if the Goddess of Beauty gave me more tools to make sure that not only am I beautiful and confident but very very happy as well.

Expect Majolica Majorca reviews here on Shen's Addiction. Journey with me to a beauty enchantment that only Majolica Majorca can make.

P.S. What do you want me to review first?

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