100th International Women's Day. Let your voices be heard!

I pray for the day that International Women's Day be a special holiday here in our country and I wonder how come this didn't came to be given that my country had TWO (2) women presidents. How sad that as a woman they didn't see this day special enough to be treated as a holiday.

But for the longest time in my growing years and probably because I spent most of my academic life in an exclusive school and that I was solely brought up by my mom that I see no importance in men. Yes, I will admit that for more than two decades, I saw men's purpose was to only carry heavy things and that is only for the lack of cranes and pulleys.

Women for me is probably the best of God's creation if you're one to believe in Catholic religion. We can do anything and absolutely everything that a man does especially if we frequent the gym and train our body. I've thought men will be obsolete in the future and would be kept in storage for sperm purposes. LOL.

No, really! I have such high regard of my own sex because I've seen with my own eyes what a simple woman can do. Let's not talk about the women in politics, those who won awards and helped countless many people with their charities. I look through the women who struggle everyday to prove herself that she can make it in this male-chauvinistic world.

Despite the progress and the rights provided for women, I know many of us still feel oppressed, moved aside in favor of the other sex... and treated maliciously and threatened and harmed physically by men. It's a sad fate and we should not stop having our voices heard.

International Women's Day was created for same reason, for our voices to be heard. If men says they don't understand us, speak up and make them understand!

It's high time that they know what we are capable of. Report crimes done to women, report abuses done to you in your office, write it out and send it to newspapers or even blog about it. For mothers who are badly treated by their husbands and chose to live that life for their children, ask yourself this, How can you teach your children to be happy when you yourself forgot the meaning of it?

Women all over the world for centuries have fought for the rights we enjoy now. Let us make sure their efforts aren't in vain.

Speak up! Stop the abuse Let your voices be heard!

P.S. I know I'm off topic with the 2011 theme of IWD but this is one cause I firmly want to put out there and never want stop saying. Abuse against women shouldn't be tolerated. When people learn that women have a stand in our society and that we deserve the respect given freely to men, education will come easily and with education comes independence. We don't have to be a nobel-prize winner to earn a man's respect. We just need to be who we are, a woman.

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  1. Sweet Veloso8/3/11 7:49 PM

    wow great message and I agree with your thoughts...abuse towards women should never be tolerated....


  2. Very inspirational!! <3 it!

  3. i lyk public holiday..=) hepy womens day

  4. I hope every day is women's day. When I shared something about "US " women in a popular social networking site, proving some points that we women sometimes are far better than men. One man commented and said "hinugot ka lang sa aking tadyang". The nerve of that man.

  5. The nerve indeed. But that's men, those brainless twits!


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