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Product Review: Wet n Wild Lash Intense Mascara in Very Black


Hauling time! And this time it's Wet n Wild! Been hearing a lot of things about this brand and it looks to be at par with my favorite NYX makeup. I do love NYX like crazy and you all know that. And for me, anything cheap to sate this impossible makeup addiction is always welcome. So when I saw Donnarence hauling some Wet n Wild over at ebay.ph, I asked her how I could get my hands on it. And I certainly didn't waste a lot of time to get me some Wet n Wild.. :)

"Brushes make all the difference with makeup application, especially with mascara! Wet n wild's Lash Intense dual-purpose applicator; the brush-side wraps lashes from root to tip with a maximizing formula for intense drama; while the definer side combs each and every lash for optimum separation with a clump-free finish. The overall effect is perfectly voluptuous and long sculpted lashes." - Wet n Wild

I certainly love the packaging, purple is such a nice color noh? The brush is a marriage of a mascara brush and lash comb. Using it to brush the formula to my lashes is quite easy and it separates my lashes really well. But I didn't really find the brushes as pliant as I want it to be.

After curling, coat your lashes with the brush side of the mascara wand, make sure to wiggle the wand for an even coat, from lash roots to the tips. With the definer brush or the one similar to the lash comb, separate the lashes and remove the clumps.

The wand is not as pliant as I want it to be, so bending it is out the question. But with how it gets to the nooks and carnnies of the lashes, you wouldn't need to do that.

When the brush is exposed like this on the packaging, make sure to sanitize it first. I spray mine with alcohol and wipe it off with a clean clothe-like tissue until dry. It must be completely dry before you insert it into the tube. The alcohol might interact with the mascara formulation and ruin it.


used only 2 coats

For Php99.75 (shipping not included), I think I got a good deal with this mascara. After all, most mascaras are not meant to last for more than three months from opening. I certainly like the clean results it gives.

What I love
  • Affordability (only Php99.75 at ebay.ph)
  • Separates lashes efficiently
  • Coats lashes nicely
  • Light weight formula (You'd hardly feel wearing a mascara)
  • Available both in ebay.ph and Watsons
  • Purple packaging is tres cute!

What I don't
  • Try as I could. I can't... for the price I really can't complain, can I?

What about you? Have you tried any Wet n Wild products? How do you like their stuff? Care to share them by commenting below. :)

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