My Favorite Brush Cleaner for my Eyeliner Brushes

You know how much  I love putting on eyeliner. But the thing about eyeliner especially the gel liner ones that you need to use brush, it's just damn too difficult to clean the brush all the time. Most of the time, I ruin my brushes from cleaning them with the usual dishwashing liquid and water. And when the liner dries up on to the brush, it's so much more tedious to remove it that stains remain and the brush look utterly disgusting.

But since I've been cleaning my eyeliner brushes with the Ellana Oil-Free Brush Cleaner, I find no excuse not to use and even bring my gel liner when i go out of town. Just recently, I got myself a small bottle of this brush cleaning wonder to take it with me to Tagaytay this weekend. It's just so much easier to use eyeliner brush when you know how easy it is to clean it.

"Clean It Up Oil-free Brush Cleaner

What it is: Our Bruch Cleaner is a non-drying formula that will kepp your brushes clean and softer. Infused with antibacterial tea Tree Extracts, and lengthens the life of your brushes.

How it works:
*Tea Tree Extracts for antiseptic/antibacterial
- Ellana Christmas 2010 Vol. 8 brochure

What I love
So affordable! (50 ml - Php170.00; 120ml - Php320.00)
It's effective!
Two spritz is enough to clean one eyeliner brush
Smells wonderful
Removes even dried up makeup product (eg. overnight dried up gel liner on brushes)
No oily feel
Brush remain soft (even with animal hair brushes)
Available online, at SM Makati and Megamall and Ellana's Main Office

What I don't
None at all. I love this. period.

See the results below

With just two spritz, I was able to clean of the gel liner residue left on my Ellana eyeliner brush. I could use it immediately, especially when I made a mistake and want to start over. It does not affect or dry up the gel liner either.

Now, playing is a lot more fun and easier! :) I just love it when things go my way. :) Don't you just love it when that happens?

What about you? Have you tried Ellana Brush Cleaner? You gotta to try this, I tell yah. You'll definitely love this!

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  1. I love it too!!!!! it smells so nice with the cucumber-melon scent.

  2. reading your blog makes me wanna to buy more products!!! hehe this is the cheapest brush cleaner i have seen.. godbless you more shen

  3. I agree, I love using this brush cleaner to clean my gel liner brush! And I love the smell :)


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