My Super Cute Kabuki Brush is now 1 year and 1 month old!

Can you believe that I've had this Charm Luxe Kabuki Brush since December of 2009? Look how fab looking it still is! It's one of my best brushes ehhhvvhher! I got this at the St. James Bazaar at Beauty and Minerals, where I also got 3 Charm Luxe Retractable brushes as gifts for my friends that Holiday. It's by far one of the wisest buys that any mineral makeup loving girls will do!

Although many of my mineral makeup brushes are still well and celebrating birthdays, too. Only a few of them can boast of the luster same as my Charm Luxe Kabuki Brush. Yup, no kidding! The hot pinkness of the tip is still very, well, hot pink. The White part of the brush is still pristine while the silver handle is still shineier like when i first bought it. The Charm logo isn't chipping off even with how many times I use it!

Your really know that you got a good brush with you if you've used for the majority of the year, brought it with you almost everywhere, used it with tons of mineral makeup foundations and still it comes out of it looking snazzy! I say that's getting your moolah's worth. :)

Buffing is also love with this mineral makeup brush wonder. It picks up the right amount of product  (at least for me) that I hardly need to do the "tap" part of the makeup buffing application.

Charm Luxe Kabuki is how every woman should be, don't you think so? It's pretty, strong and has real talent putting makeup on. :)

And cleaning it is so easy. I use the Dr. Bronner's Castile Liquid Soap. It removes the products immediately and efficiently. And it doesn't also take so long to dry. An overnight drying inside my room with the fan (#1 mode) directly on it is sufficient to properly dry it. I try to avoid storing it on humid places, too!

How about you? Do you have a brush that looks as good as new like my Charm Luxe Kabuki Brush? :)

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