Mary Kay's Thinking of You and I, of Friendship

I always see my perfumes like a friend... they are always there, even when I don't often see them.  Mary Kay brings this sentiment to their latest Eu de Parfum, Thinking of You. The light fruity floriental scent, packaged in a cute glass bottle that nestles right on to my hands perfectly. It has a keepsake charm that you can add to your favorite jewelry. The box that it is enclosed in, you can write a note inside it if you wish you give this one to a friend as a gift.

Thinking of You allows you to tell someone how special they are to you. Tops notes of mandarin, white peach and plum tells you of fun stories you had back in the days. Mid notes of jasmine, honeysuckle and Lilly of the Valley reminds you of how the two of you are so much alike in many ways but so different that it compliments you both. And lastly the dry down notes of warm tonka, vanilla and soft musk are the secrets you share and that you know that despite the changes, you will always be friends forever.

I take my friendship seriously. I feel like having a friend is way more than having a boyfriend. It's more personal, the sharing is way more limitless and the love and loyalty is just overwhelming. When my mom past away, having no brothers or sisters, I relied on my friends unknowingly. I thought I was this strong with no need of anyone... but all those times, I had my friends carrying the weight around my shoulders. They were there when I didn't know I needed them. That for me, was true friendship.

They stay a long as you want them to... even if you don't think they would. Just like Mary Kay's Thinking of you! I'm amazed with how lasting the fragrance is on my favorite white shirt. That come laundry time, I still smell a whiff of it come laundry time.

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