I like my shoes sweet and creamy...

It's not that I don't like black shoes, but wearing one for almost everyday of my life since I was in nursery school made me choose different colors now that I'm not required to wear one. It's like an involuntary action I make whenever I buy a pair of shoes that I would hardly consider buying black ones.

I adore the shoes that have been coming out lately, the patent skintone cream pumps, tan espadrilles, white booties... they are my kind of shoes. I think it these colors really flatter me well and it I'm very happy that it fits in in every season... :)

Take some of the shoes I just recently bought just before the year ended.. :)


When I walked inside the bright store of So! Fab in Glorietta 5 (my favorite most accomodating So! Fab Store), I knew I will not be leaving empty handed. I've worn out my favorite pair from them and they ran out of stock of it already (as usual!) so I wanted something to replace that. When I saw this pair, I practicall saw my name (and my credit card screaming) on it already.. hehehe!

I love the brown/caramel color and how the shape hides my wide girth. I love the T-strap that reminds of 1920's dancing shoes but the overall look made me think of a flower child of the 60's. I can see myself wearing a peasant blouse with long white frilly skirt and a summer hat. How Nicole Richie, right?

Although I'm not one to wear those type of clothes, this is really a nice casual shoes that I could wear when I attend informal event without having to resort to wearing my high-heeled shoes. And who doesn't love the abaca-feel of the shoes... so right for the spring/summer season.. :)

Claudia in Bone, Php999

I saw Claudia after I saw Ashley. I just wanted it so bad because of the color. It's so chic! It's the perfect color of a pale shoes for me. It's great for almost all my cocktail and bodycon dresses. Actually, shoes like these go well with almost everything... and you know me, I like things well-coordinated. Hehehe!

Since I'm not used to wearing too high of high heels, wearing this caused strain to my feet. it even chaffed the beack of my ankle part.. where the zipper is. But hey, in the name of fashion right?

top: promod; blazer: promod; liquid leggings: promod; watch: kenneth cole

Tan perfect Ashley, 1299

This is Ashley. And when I saw her, I fell quite hard. Been looking for a statement shoes that will make me feel I am Serena Vanderwoodsen or Little J... and this is it.  Thanks to some of the local fashion bloggers who keeps me inspired, I gathered the courage to finally take the plunge and buy a very fasyon shoes.. :)

I'm not really daring when it comes to my fashion choices but lately i notice that i've been stepping out of the box and trying out new stuff... I feel that the local fashion bloggers are motivating me to try new things and be more creative. I mean, if I can take a plunge and wear rainbow eye makeup look, why not be more creative when it comes to my outfits... although i must tell you that it's harder than I thought it would be...

 top: F21; cover: pink manila; high wasit skirt: pink manila; necklace: f21; bracelet: shen's addiction; ring: bazaar

Another good thing about this is that I got the Parisian shoes at 20% off. So instead of paying for Php2298. I only paid Php1838.40. You get the 20% off if your purchase amounted to Php1500 or more. :) Can't believe I paid for each shoes for only Php919.20. :) That's about $20 per pair!! :) What a deal, right?

See, fashion isn't that expensive! If I'm not too lazy I think I can even find better bargains out there... But I think I'm quite satisfied with all of these pairs and would sate me for quite a few months. I'm on a hunt for a one-piece bathing suit at the moment.. :) Hehehe!

So what about you? Have you got some great shoe finds? Do you own any Parisian or So! Fab shoes! :)

much love,

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  1. Great shoe finds Shen! I'm particularly loving the last 2 shoes.

    The tan perfect ashley's design is similar to one of Jane Aldridge's (Sea of Shoes.com) shoes. Looks so chic!

    I used to have a few Parisian but right now I'm partial to Figlia shoes, almost the same price range, I think :)


  2. Looooove this! :) I truly love Parisian, too! I check their racks often for new arrivals. My shoe size seems to be #1 in the out-of-stock department. Jeeez! I'm a 5 to 5 and 1/2.

  3. Love those shoes...but I'm afraid to wear them.

  4. i love the heels! too bad i can't wear shoes that high :(


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