I Knew It! No more hair boo-boo’s!

It didn’t take a lot for me to guess that it was Pantene Shampoo that passed the blindtest!

When you say that 91% of women in Asia loved the results of Pantene, I wasn’t really surprised. For the very long time before I started to get into product testing and beauty blogging, Pantene was a constant bathroom item. I just love the scent of their shampoo and how it kept my frizzy hair relatively tamed before I ever learned about rebonding and hair straightening.

As I grew older, there are months were in I would go back to Pantene not only for fresh scent it gives to my hair but how it kept my hair looking healthy. The new Pantene is exactly that but way better.

The new Pantene is used by majority of women in Asia, women who have the same problems that I do with my hair. If that isn’t enough to convince me to try Pantene, then I guess I’m hopeless. But yes, I got convinced and tried the New Pantene myself.

You guessed it right, I wasn’t disappointed at all and it was quite nostalgic even. My mom was in love with their conditioners and I just know that she will love the new results that the new Pantene can give to our hair. My hair is a less corsier and my waves a tamer. And for the love of God, I have less hair fall! Take that, regular shampoo!

I love the new Pantene so much that I take it with me when I travel. No excuse for my hair to skip a healthy those of hair protein and well, I want my hair to look good on pictures. J Hehehe!

If you’re not yet convinced (but I know you are!), you can go and check out Pantene’s Facebook Page and see more testimonials on how many fabulous women love Pantene.

And if the results aren’t enough, maybe a chance to win a trip to Boracay this summer might whet your interest in trying the new Pantene hair care. Mechanics to follow, dearies. So grab a bottle of Pantene now! Like now na!

To know more about Pantene’s Blindtest, click here for details.

And if you really want to commit to change this new year, go to www.facebook.com/icommittochange and see how you start this year with a soft strong and healthy hair!

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  1. oooh...i have a post about this!!! i wrote it not too long ago...malay ko ba magkakacontest?!?! super pretty ko pa sa pichoor dun mwihihi. yes nagangat ng sariling bangko. ktnxbai :)

  2. I've been a pantene user myself.. but i think not with this variant... yung gamit ko yung limited edition japanese conditioner nila.. and i must say, i super love the result.

    xoxo hazel


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