Urban Woman: Guide to a Stylish, Savvy Shopping at Promod

Christmas is near and there's a lot of shopping to do! And with how everything went this year, I feel like I need to reward myself just tad bit for all the hard work I've done. I really think I deserve it. Hehehe! But of course, I just can't think about myself. That's why I always give myself a budget whenever I do Christmas shopping for myself. That way I make sure that I have enough for me and everyone I love.

I recently visited Promod at Greenbelt 5 and I was surprise with the purchases I made. I was able to get really good stuff for the 5k budget that I had. But before I got to purchase all those good stuff, I put some shopping tips and tricks to test.

Being a stylish and savvy shopper is very hard especially when we are in a store full of fabulous things that we just want to take home. So keep these few tricks in mind before you make a purchase!

Bring only your budget (not your credit card)

Sticking to your budget is very difficult even at the cheapest store. So just bring the amount you are willing to spend or you might be forced to spend more. Letting the credit card stay at home is one way to not overspend. Although we won't have to pay immediately for our credit card purchases, it is still money spent! Don't spend the money you still don't have.

Have an idea on what to purchase

Ask questions like "What's your reason for shopping?", "What do you need?".. Something to that effect. Having an idea on what you want to purchase will narrow down the crazy moment while looking for those fabulous deals.

Style in mind

When you want to make a smart purchase, you should try to think of a style you want to have. This is where your personality comes in. If you wish to veer away from your usual style, the task for looking those perfect clothing will be a lot more difficult. For example, I want my purchase to be functional but a bit edgy, emulating the fashion blogs I've been reading lately. That's why I picked clothes to try that I would not usually buy. In the end, I accomplished all of that.

Try it on!

Although majority of us do not resemble the models on the magazines, that doesn't mean that we can't wear similar clothes as they do. We just need to know what fits our body. Don't underestimate yourself and try on different sizes. You might surprise yourself that you fit in a smaller size already. I thought that I was a medium in one pair of leggings I wore but when the sale's lady told me that they only had extra small, I summon the courage to try it... guess what? I could fit in it!!

Does it fit?

You always have to ask yourself if the outfit fits. Don't negotiate with yourself to eat less or more just because you think that's the dress that goes with your budget. Never settle for anything that doesn't fit you right or else you'd likley end up regretting your purchase. Just go back to the racks and see what else you can try on.

Window displays are there for a reason

And that is to give you an idea on what the brand represents. Promod is all about French high street fashion and since I've been thinking of something out of box for once when it comes to my outfit decisions, I looked at the display on how I can make the display work at my advantage. Although most window display are too much for our Filipino style culture, it gave me a lot of things to pick out from the racks.

Take your time

If I take a lot of time picking out my cosmetics, why not on the clothes I wear? Especially if I want my personality to resonate it. What I like about Promod is how accommodating the employees are. I was moving from rack to rack and they were very understanding. With the number of items that a store has, I wanted to make sure that I saw everything before I purchase it.

Wear your best underwear

My mom advised me to bring the brassiere that I would wear for an outfit I was about to purchase. This ensures that I would choose the right size of shirt that I would wear, if the bra strap would show, if the material is too thin or if the button down polo won't have a peek-a-boo effect. If it's a pants, skirts or shorts, I would know if my underwear is peeking or if the panty-line is visible.
Check out the SALE RACK!

Looking at the sale rack is the best place to start with your style savvy shopping. If I remember correctly Ms. Mich Dulce saw the blazer she gave for me on the style rack. And if you don't like anything you see there, at least you've scratched that off your rack list.

Look a the price

To stick to your budget, you must always check the price of the outfit you want. If it's too expensive then maybe you can purchase it when it goes on sale. The important thing is you stick to the money you have set aside for the shopping expedition. Never go beyond it.

But like I said in my post on Your First Makeup Kit, save up for the item if you really want it. Don't settle on mediocre just because you currently don't have money for it. Ask the sales associate how long they can reserve the item for you or if they can contact you if a similar outfit arrives at the store.


What I love about the mobile phones now is that it has a calculator in it. I would compute the entire stuff I want to buy inside the fitting room and omit some outfits if it goes way over my budget. And if I don't have my phone, I would ask the store for a calculator. It may be a bit of an embarrassment but what's more embarrassing is if I omit a few of those clothes when I'm about to pay at the cashier.

Check out the racks at the last minute

Sometimes, that perfect outfit will just appear when you’re about to give up finding those that fits in your budget. I’m an attestation to that. I would always (always!) find the perfect shirt or dress just when I’m about to throw my hands up and walk out the store.

Have fun!

Being on budget may put a damper on your shopping experience but it’s not a reason not to enjoy every minute that you spend in the store. Fit the clothes you don’t usually wear, try on different styles, imagine you as a model and just let yourself go. We always have a budget for everything that we do; we might always have fun as we go through all of it, right?

I found the last piece of my purchases while my friend and I were fooling around at the accessories area. I still had about Php600+ left of my budget and if we didn't take an interest in playing around with the accessories, I wouldn't have found the cute mirror necklace on the lowest part of the wall that is only worth Php595!

Work it!

Congratulations on your new clothes!!

Now all you have to do is wear them and wear them with confidence… there is nothing that would ultimately make you look good than how you feel about yourself! Stop feeling conscious and appreciate your body. You are your own fan! Celebrate yourself and celebrate on how you were able to get the things you want without bankrupting yourself!

I've always wanted a blazer that could go from day to night. Blazers are here to stay for the next seasons and I just think that even if it's not in trend, this blazer compliments my body type and makes me feel taller and a lot slender. Not mention that black goes well with any color and outfit.

Cost Php Php2675

The long sleeves plain top is such a steal. I've always been on a look out for a shirt like this that is not too flimsy and made from a very durable material. Promod really is washing machine friendly so I'm sure this will stand the test of time. And with the fabric, I don't need to iron it!

Cost Php675

I love liquid leggings! I was surprise on how affordable it was in Promod! It's the same price as those sold in tiangges! With the brand Promod attached to it, I knew I had a good find on my hands. And the way it hugs my thighs the right way... this is definitel going to see a lot dance floors in weeks to come.

Cost Php995

The necklace, like I said, was a surprise find while I was browsing on the accessories. It being a mirror really, well mirror, my personality... It's such a nice representation of the beauty blogger in me. And the fact that I'm vain. LOL. :) And it's in antique gold! Couldn't have found a better deal.

Cost 595

That, my dearies, are the reasons on how I was able to purchase a less than 5k worth of French high street clothing. I was happy with my purchases and I didn’t go over my limit. The clothes I got will go way beyond this season’s fashion trends and I could mix and max them in months (even years) from now.

I admit that from time to time, I'd like to indulge in branded clothings. As much as I love my cheap finds at tiangges and bazaars, I want to have a few ticket items with brand names on them. And if I thought it wasn't possible to make a reasonable purchase in what seem to be an expensive shop, now I know I'm mistaken. It is possible!

Now, that is what I call stylish and savvy shopping. Don’t you think so, too?

much love,

P.S. Here are a few of the outfit that I tried . I love the flow of the skirt on the first picture but I just don't think it's me but I do love the top! I'm quite in love with the leather jacket but I know I won't maximize the use of it in our country. Perhaps when I'm going to travel abroad, I'll visit Promod again. :)

Special thanks to my dear friend, K, for taking all my photos!

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  1. Uy, I like the lacey black dress ha! :D

  2. I love the shoes! where did you buy that? : )

  3. I agree with you, the blazer is truly a keeper! =)


  4. WOW! I couldn't agree more with what you said! especially with the "wear your best underwear"... my mom used to say that to me when shopping. and i find it helpful!

    Love the items you bought! but i find the necklace a bit expensive :( (or i'm just kuripot? LOL)

    hoping you could visit my blog too :)

    <3hazel (http://hazelnot.tumblr.com)

  5. I love the leather jacket! so nice!:)


  6. love the outfits! great buy!

    btw, is that a canon g11 camera? where did you buy the wrist strap? also love the shoes! where did you buy it?


  7. the liquid leggings are hella cheap! yey! i might stop by at promod soon!

  8. Aha! Now I know where to get cheaper leggings. I got one from Topshop and it cost me about PHP1,000++ Then the maid ruined it after washing so I was sooooo mad and nanghihinayang. Better get a new pair. :)


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