YumYum: Le Bar Sofitel Manila

The BF celebrated his birthday at Sofitel Manila with me. Just before we headed to Wensha Spa for a massage and Shabu-Shabu buffet, we decided to head downstairs and dine. Too bad Spiral was still close that afternoon. Even then, we headed to Le Bar and got ourselves sumptuous meals to munch on.

As expected, the prices are a bit steep. But good thing we got that the Accor Advantage card and got 50% on our food and 15% on our drinks making our stay in Sofitel a lot more enjoyable.

Sorry I can't remember the names of our meals.. :)

Rack of Lamb approx Php1060

Soft and succulent. I've only had lamb a few times in my entire life and this one makes the cut of the best of the best. It took a lot of will power for me to finish this slowly because I just want to gorge myself senseless with it. The meat is heavenly sweet, the sauce is a great compliment. The garnish taste good as well. This earns a golden star in my book.
Juicy juicy!

Cheeseburger approx Php560

The BF didn't want to eat much because he was also looking forward to the Shabu-shabu buffet at Wensha. Unfortunately, this burger looks to be deceiving, it is rich and tasty, he said. One of the best burgers he's tried but somehow not different from the more famous burger joints in the our city.

I enjoyed eating the fries R kept on feeding me. I love the mayonnaise that we don't need to ask for.

Mocha Frappuccino approx. Php230

Creme Brulee approx Php380

Our total bill only amounted to Php1286.08 for everything we had.
And I really can't complain about the service and the taste. Everything was worth it.
The ambience was really cozy and pretty much intimate for me and the BF.

Even just for a day, we get to treat ourselves to something fancy and enjoy it without the worry of getting my credit card bill up in the air. lol!

Le Bar is known more for their patisserie and galette but we're glad we enjoyed the other things that Le Bar has to offer.

much love,

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  1. I love Sofitel, but I've only been to Spiral. (I love Wensha, too. Hehe.)

  2. Wow! I'm so hungry right now because of your photos!!! :-)

  3. the amount you have paid is worth it. I hope i have that accor advantage so that i can use it in any other hotel..+0


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