Do you think they're bagay?

See? Having great fashion sense do land you one of the most coveted bachelor in the country. So, shed those plain shirts and jeans and rock a few blings and some edgy fasyon. :)

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Do you think they are bagay? :)

Me, I think so... I love the contrast between them. I think Liz will compliment our President really well. And people are right, we'll have the most stylish first lady. :)

I guess Kris finally did something right this time. Di ba she was the one introduced them?


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  1. Hm. Teka, in denial pa ako. Maybe in a few weeks I will think they're bagay. =^.^=

  2. so are they really a couple? this is confirmed? i saw them at podium one sunday (a month ago)... for dinner. just the two of them and then the PSG

  3. @Bea, so get what you mean. ganyan din ako dati when i started hearing rumors about them.. then it grows on you. :)

    @crikette, he did admit he went out with her a few times. :)

  4. long as they're really in love no? :)

  5. Team Shalani ako. I just don't like the way this was all handled. Parang ginamit lang nila si Shalani sa campaign no? Pero when she was no longer needed, dumped ang beauty niya! Feeling ko, parang they (or Kris) went to look for a suitable partner for Noynoy kasi Shalani was not acceptable to them (hindi kasi galing sa good family, hay naku)

    I posted my thoughts on this on my blog actually:

  6. Hmmm... I don't think they are bagay. I would love to see Liz with a stylish guy. But if they love each other, why not? Noynoy will have a very fashionable wife. Let's see how he transforms! Hehe.

  7. I actually like them together... Liz Uy came from a very decent and simple family. I'm happy for them. I think they'll look good together.

  8. Why judge a person through their family? Liz or Shalani or even a man, I don't appreciate the president being relegated to a celebrity.


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