Tired of your ho-hum do's?

Matrix brings the hottest hairstyles from New York this fall.

And do you know what my dream do's are?

Chestnut Must

This hairstyle made me wish I didn't chop off my locks. I want the soft flow of this semi-curly do. And the dark shiny locks makes me think that lightening my hair was not the best decision.
The hair color is sooo fitting for all Filipinas, I tell you!

Flame Burst

Can you kill me now and my genes? My thick locks can't take this kind of curls as I would look like Tina Turner especially with my short do.... But damn, do I want this. I guess, ingesting gluthatione would make the red shade stand out, too... but I won't complain. Imagine walking down the metro in this hair style?? Vavavoom!!

Sugar Crop

Can you imagine me in short hair? No? Well, for quite awhile in my senior high until second year in college I had short hair... and seeing this look made me wish I have 3 heads!! I may not be too adventurous when it comes to my do and because the BF is not a fan of crop hair, but I will definitely risk that if I don't have this thick hair... sigh!


If you want to update your looks, ask your Matrix artist for any of my recommendations above.
Matrix Color is one of the best I've tried and quite affordable to in my opinion so get that butt out of the couch and on to a salon hair and wow all your friends with a fab do this holiday!!

much love,

Photos provided by Matrix Philippines

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  1. Oooh! Looks like that flame burst 'do might be feasible with my rebellious (kulit & tigas ulo) hair. You just gave me an idea. Thanks, Shen!

  2. Sugar crop is such a pretty haircut. I want a similar haircut someday..when I'm brave enough to actually do it lol


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