It's The BF's Birthday!!

That's why there will be no beauty-related post for today... We took the chance to use our complimentary overnight stay in Sofitel Philippines from our Accor Advantage card. I must say that getting the card is worth it. Me and the BF enjoyed our stay here and hope we can do this again next year... :)

R has always been supportive in my blogging endeavor that is why I chose to give two days worth of celebration to him. I wanted him to relax and unwind and be waited on hand and foot. Of course, to eat sumptuous food.

I want him to feel like a King since he always treat me like a Queen, giving me all that I want and need.. I just hope I accomplished that today. I also just wanna show
how much I love him the way I know how... :)

Til to tommorow, Beauties!!

Much love,

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  1. happy bday to ur BF!! stay pretty and have a great day!! xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday RON! I'm sure Shen will spoil you !!!! :)

  3. Happy Birthday to your BF Shen! :)


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