Hotel Review: Blu Radisson Hotel Business Class Room

As much as I love my room and my bed, let's admit nothing beats a night spent in a plush bed, downy sheets and centralized air-con in a hotel. And the room service.. lol. :)

In my recent trip to Cebu, I stayed at the new Radisson Blu Luxury Hotel Business Class Room, 1012. This is a room fit for the modern woman who knows how to take care of herself, who is not afraid to travel alone and knows what she wants. Exactly the woman I strive to be. Room 1012 is the best choice for those who are traveling for business and needs to be online 24/7 . The room has the amenities that will surely provide you the comfort of doing your business and having a good amount of relaxation despite the busy schedules ahead of you.

Personally, I would get this room whether I'm traveling for pleasure! :)

Yes, I went trigger happy when I stayed here. Took mighty tons of pictures to show you and my friends. :)

Plush King Size Bed... I miss you!! I miss you sooo much!

I used to chair to read my copy of Eat Pray Love

I love how clutter free this room is and yet it has everything I needed.

Office space fit for a hard-worker

Entertain yourself or friends here at the sofa and watch the big game

Hello, 37" LCD TV with Remote and TV Guide

Reading lamp
Outlets at the bedside!

Laptop-size safe
Minibar Area

Espresso maker
Espresso choices. Yum!!

Amenities for Minibar

Yum snacks at an affordable price

Ample coffee and tea cups for the Minibar

Let's go to the Bathroom amenities

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Shower knob, easy to use

Extra Vanity Mirror

The vanity mirror is a dream for those like me who takes quite a few minutes to ready her herself and need to put on tons of products on my face. Well, it's not a secret I'm a vain and product freak. And this mirror allows me to finish my morning rituals faster.

Complimentary Radisson Blu Water and Asra bathroom amenities

Shower amenities

The shower room came with amenities I didn't expect. There was an exfoliating oatmel soap that is a feast to the senses. The Shower gel that is quite minty and the loofah scrub that is just needed when you want to feel more than squeeky clean. The shampoo and conditioner are surprisingly soft to the hair. This is the first time that a hotel conditioner has the ability to keep my hair soft after shampoo.

Ample towels

I hate calling for extra towels. I really do. In Radisson Blu, I have enough towels to last me a week. It's really convenient.


What I love about the hair dryer is that it is already plugged in so no worries of looking for a place to plug it. Keeps you safe as well especially your kids when they are travelling with you. Just open the drawer, turn it on and it's ready to use. Again, it's very modern and convenient.

Facial and Hand Soap

The Facial and Hand Soap smells nice as expected. :)

Weighing Scale, Toilet

Vain shot. LOL!

Switch beside the door

The first one is where you install your card for the electricity, the next one is the main switch, the other two is the no diturb and "please clean up room" switch. How cool, right???

It was sincerely hard to say my goodbyes to this room was nearly a home for me for 36hours. :) lol!

I know it looks like I'm exaggerating but hey, it's rare I get to spend in a fabulous new hotel with all the amenities i've been dreaming about. :) Blame it on the newbie in me. :)

It's always been a dream to visit different parts of my country, I'm glad I've got to see Cebu and stayed at it's newest hotel, Radisson Blu.

much love,

To know more about Radisson Blu, check out their website here.

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  1. ang saya saya! SIs naglaway ako sa "Expresso" coffee maker! heheheh super laway! I would stay there and drink coffee hanggang manginig ako! hehehe

    I'm glad you enjoyed your stay and it's luxurious nga naman to the extreme! :)

  2. This is a great hotel. I also dream about visiting all beautiful sights and hotels in France. Regards from Hotel orly


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