Haul: MAC Tartan Tale Collection Holiday Collection

New soldiers have been added to the lipstick army!!

As soon as I saw Temptalia's feature on the Tartan Tale Lipsticks that I would do anything to get my hands on them. I've been pretty tame when it came to hauling at MAC this year. I've hardly emptied those that I've collection the previous year and I don't think I really need to add a few more... but upon seeing Tartan Tale... all promises to save and stop hauling have halted. This is something I must have. And I am talking about the lipsticks. I can't stop raving about them to my beauty fanatic friends. I am simply in love with them!

And even with no budget and all, I got three of the lipticks I wanted... Thanks to Citibank Paylite. LOL!

This is my first time to buy something from MAC that isn't packed in their usual clear/black plastic bag. This Holiday, you'll get this Scottish Bag drawstring pouch. It's like receiving an early gift Christmas gift. (if only I don't have to pay for it.) LOL!

The Faerie Glen | Cut-a-Caper | Full Fuchsia
Aren't they gorgeous?!?
The Faerie Glen - Pale neautral Pink (lustre) (LE)
Cut-a-Caper - Midtone Peachy pink (lustre) (LE)
Full Fuchsia - Bright Blue Fuchsia (Amplified) (Permanent at MAC Pro)

Description above are taken from  Temptalia.com

The Faerie Glen | Cut-a-Caper | Full Fuchsia
The Faerie Glen provides a sheer wash-out mauve for me. It easily compliment a bronzey eye makeup look. If you have love for green eyeshadows, The Faerie Glen will really look good with it.

Cut-a-caper is the main reason why I got attracted to Tartan Tale in the first place. I easily persuaded myself to get it. The color is sheer when freshly applied. It's so unlike any lip color I own. And the fact that this falls on the coral side screams for me to it! Sophie of Beautynomics.com raves about this one and I can only agree with her. It really looks gorgeous!

Full Fuchsia was really a no-brainer. Must get, I say. Believe it or not, with the many bright pinks I have in my lipstick stash, I HAVE NOTHING LIKE IT! Can you imagine that? I've compared it with every lip color and caput! nada! This is definitely a unique bright pink lippie. And since I'm such an addict for pink lipsticks... again, no-brainer!

Oh! And Lustre and Amplified are my two most favorite finishes in MAC Lipstick.. :)

The Faerie Glen | Cut-a-Caper | Full Fuchsia
The Faerie Glen | Cut-a-Caper | Full Fuchsia
The Faerie Glen | Cut-a-Caper | Full Fuchsia
ALthough i'm very much scared to receive my credit card statement due month, I can't say there are regrets. And quite honetly, if I can afford to buy two of each, I will!

That's the reason why this is called Shen's Addiction. :) So if you could get your hands on these lippies.... (ENABLING MODE ON!) Get it!!

much love,

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  1. please do a lip swatch for us :)

  2. pretty! i think the thing i like most about the collection is the packaging. This year's packaging is cute than the last few years!

  3. OMG cut a caper and Full fucshia looks so pretty!

  4. I am sure all 3 shades look gorgeous on you! Naku! Especially Fuchsia!

  5. oo these are so gorgeous! beautiful colours (:


  6. Cut-a-caper is an OMG super pretty color!!! I'll check out this particular shade tomorrow lol.

  7. ey Shen, thanks for sharing, i saw pinkiecharm's video on this collection. did you have the option to get the collection in this plaid sacks or the tin?

    hope you can do a tutorial using these.

    thanks for sharing



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