Beauty Event: Estee Lauder's Re-Nutirv New Ultimate Lift Age Correcting Collection

"All great things begin with a vision... a dream." said Mrs. Estee Lauder. She's  a woman with great passion for beauty like all of us. But she transcended her hopes and dreams into reality and we reap the benefits... well, at least, my grand aunt and grandmother did.

I grew up in household filled with woman who are simple but gave effort to how they take care of their skin. From my mother who never went to bed without taking a shower, my aunt who do her makeup before she goes to work and my grandaunt who applies her night creams before going to bed. It is not quite a surprise that I took all their practices into my own daily habits.

With their passion in loving their skin, I, too, reap the benefits... for if not with their influence, I would not be in this place now, writing and sharing my experiences about the latest beauty product out there. And once again, I received an invitation to the latest anti-aging collection, Estee Lauder's Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Age Correcting Collection.

For 55 years, Estee Lauder has continuously developed its Re-Nutriv line to cater the woman who are as passionate as her in loving their skin. Now, my generation will enjoy the latest from Re-Nutriv that has many of the most potent anti-aging ingredient known to men, Rock of Life Algae, EGT animo acid and Silketare. This infusion brings a more recharge, rejuvenated and more radiant skin that will last.

Precious gems and minerals are also encapsulated in the new Re-Nutriv collection. Black Tourmaline found in the jungles of Brazil gives an energezing feel for a more lifting effect. South Sea Pearls are now provided to give the skin instant luminousity and Collodial Gold to calm the skin.

Indeed, Re-Nutriv have gone beyond their science of  Life Re-newing MoleculesTM. Added lifting effect, instant results and youthful glow.

I'm sure my mother will be pleased to know all about Re-Nutriv if she was with us. She loves anti-aging products. And i'm sure she'll be psyched that some of her favorite Estee Lauder perfumes and makeup are now available in gift packs. :)

I remember using her White Linen perfume without permission. Oh... how mad she would get if she smelled it on me. She'd say that a 9 year old girl has no business trying on a very expensive perfume. But just right before she left, she shared her Pleasures perfume with me. :) How sweet of her, right?


I also took this time to enjoy the night with fellow beauty bloggers. I'm always excited to discover new products with them... of course, and to dress up, too. :)

Nikki and I

Jheng of

much love,

Special thanks to the women behind Estee Lauder Philippines for the invite to this event. I am very pleased to be amongst the ladies present during that night.

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