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Shoe Hauls: Forever 21 and Celine


September 16, 2010, Megamall - Right after an event, I immediately went to Megmall to pick up a pair of boots that I saw a week before at Forever. I'm so glad that they still have it in size 6. :)

London Button Booties.

Isn't it gorgeous?? I just love love this.. I have no idea where I'm going to wear this really... but I know its a pair that I will always always love. :)

I love that you can wear the top folded or not. :) Gives a bit of diversity to the boots and allows you to play it out with your clothes. :)

And look below? I tweeted a few days back before my birthday that I wanted a blue suede peeptoes. It wasn't a peeptoe though but pumps.. who cares! It's blue!! Finally!! It was like a miracle when I saw this at Forever 21 for only Php915!! ($20) :)

It's a good thing I held off buying a pair that costs 300X more than what I paid for this one.

and it comes in other colors like red, brown, etc. :)

But the blue, i think, is the best of them all... :)

I just love cobalt blue!!

A friend told me to check out Celine because they have nice wedge shoe collection. I love my So! Fab grey wedge a lot and it's what I wear the most for events because its so comfortable.. That's what I love about wedgies and espadrilles, the way it supports flat-footed chicks like me. :)

I'm glad I found this pair.

It really looks similar to my So! Fab metallic wedge platforms but this one...

has blings on it I can't get over. It's really me! :)

I'm glad I can let my So! Fab shoes rest for a bit because of this pair. :)

Now, isn't this more stylish for events and parties?

I'm pretty simple when it comes to choosing my shoes.. they all have to match at least 30% of my clothes, must be affordable and something I won't be afraid to use 2 or 3 years down the road. I'm particular to creams, whites, grays rather than blacks (maybe all those years of wearing black shoes in school made me want to own other colors). I like something that can match many of my outfits. The shoes above are exactly those. :) stylish and pretty much... me. :)

Although I've been daring myself to go out of the box when it comes to my fashion choices, I still think that I'll always be the simple girl in shirt, jeans and flipflops. :)

much love,

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