Blazing Love for this Promod Blazer
Outfit during Ice Watch Event:
Promod Blazer, Zara top, Zara jeans, So Fab Wedgies, Accessorize Necklace, Bazaar earrings and Kenneth Cole Watch

There is just something about a blazer that I instantly fell in love with. Even back in law school when Zara and MNG hardly have blazers in their stores, I thrifted a few from the local surplus stores. Of course, much of those have short lengths and has a feel of 90's in them.

That's why I'm so glad that Mich Dulce gracefully relinquished her claim on this jacket during the Promod Style Challenge. She found it on the sale rack and I asked if she was thinking of buying it and she said that she was. I tried not to look disappointed but I probably couldn't hide the sadness from my face. But I was glad when the cashier said Mich didn't get it and to tell me that I could have it instead. :) How sweet of her, right???

That was the day I got to own a black blzer that that has the length I like and padded shoulders that I wanted. Getting it on sale for about Php1,999 (about $45) was such a steal. :) I got to own a nice stylish blazer with a brand to boot. :) I was in style heaven... well, I was inside Promod, that heaven on earth in itself! :)

So to Mary Joyce,who was asking where I got this, I got it at Promod. I feel for you about looking for a blazer. Now I'm looking for a gray one and the one I saw in store was too expensive.. So I hope that you'll find the dream blazer you've been searching for. :)

But honestly, I'm glad I have friends who like me even without fab clothes and all.

Thanks so much for reading this entry! :)

much love,

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  1. The blazer fits you perfectly. I love the Zara top too! :)

  2. hi shen!
    Thanks for this post! Hopefully i can find a blazer as nice as yours and also in sale prices. Thanks super!


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