Levi's I Believe Badge Contest. Winners Announced!

Here are the winners of the Levi's I Believe Badge Contest!!!


Jermae touched me with these words and picture. I just know mom would picked this if she were to decide the winner... So, I did! Sucha strong belief for a mother of three. You rock, Jermae!

Jessa Otero

Most definitely, it does, Jessa! :) And I hope that it'll find its way to you and the guy you're meant to be with!! :)

All of you are each getting a thousand pesos worth of Gift Certificate from Levi's. Please email me at shensaddiction(at)gmail(dot)com for your mailing address.. You'll receive your prizes via mail delivery.

For everyone else who joined, thanks so much!! Much much mroe contests to come!!

much love,

P.S. I only have two winners because some of those who joined have won already in other Levi's I Believe Badge Contest and the rest didn't make the cut.

Thanks for joining!!

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