FOTD: Golden Neutral (Ellana, Purederm, Revlon and Avon)

It's quite obvious I'm obssessed with makeup and I try even at the laziest of days to put on some especially when going out. It's Monday and back to work time. I figured that I needed to cheer myself up with some cosmetic-therapy.

I transferred some of my favorite Ellana eyeshadow minerals in stackable pots but there were still some products left on the original container. Since I didn't have a heart to completely toss them out, I still kept the jars and promised myself to use what's left of it.

I wonder if I can return the jars to Ellana... Hmmm... It'll be a treat if they have s sort of Back2Ellana promo. :)

So this morning, I opened a few of those jars and used it for this Face of the Day post. :)

For the eyes:
Ellana Mineral Eyeshadow in Gorgeous
Ellana Mineral Eyeshdaw in Lovely
Ellana Mineral Eyeshadow in _______
Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner in Black
Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara

I've crazy about gold eye shadows and was more inspired to use it after seeing Sarah Geromino's cover on the latest Preview Magazine. Gorgeous is a good gold eyeshadow if you still don't own any. Ellana for the past year have come up with fabulous new colors and gold shades are some of them. Lovely eyeshadow is a very neutral taupe that's suited for all skintone. It's a nice wash of color that instantly gives an oomph to the wearer. I can wear this alone but you know me, I like to use many eyeshadows on my FOTD's and EOTD's.

It's funny how I think of this FOTD as a neutral one when before using any color was a bright makeup look already. :)

For the Lashes: Revlon Grow Luscious by Fabulash

I've been using the Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara by Fabulash to maintain the strength and condition my lashes. I had lash extentions a week ago and when it came off, I missed having those luscious lashes... But I wasn't thoroughly disappointed beause I love wearing masara. II'm quite excited about the latest Revlon Grow Luscious (latest here in the Philippines, at least) since Fabulash serums have been known own to work and make lashes grow significantly with regular use. But I'm not expecting over the top results. Either way, I like the effects of blacked lashes that looks to natural.

For the Lips: Avon Megashine Lipstick

I'm loving my Avon Megashine Lipstick in C400. It has a nice peachy tone to it with a bit of gold specks. Great to wear on any occasion.

I recommend this to fair to medium skin tones.

For the face:

Purederm Magic BB Cream - You've read my review but you've yet to see the effects. Here's the picture. The Purederm is really nice to yellow-tone skin shades. It blends well to the skin. Since I'm acidic, the BB cream just melds in evenly to my skin an hour or two later.

Ellana Perfect Blend Foundation in Hazelnut Latte - I thought that their Intensive Foundation was the best mineral foundation I've tried but I was mistaken. Perfect Blend is well.... perfect! Not too thick (you can always apply more as with other mineral foundations) but not too thin either that layering could be tiresome. Sometimes, even with just this as makeup, I'm all set to go... but you know that hardly happen. :)

Oops! I forgot about the Blush and Contour. I used Mineraux Mineral Blush in ____ and MAC D'squared ____.

There you have it! Another FOTD brought to you by the resident Beauty Addict. :) Hope you all have a fabulous week ahead of you!! :)

much love,

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  1. I love this look! Simple but complimenting to you :)

  2. i love the eyes, bongga! <3

  3. this is really pretty! Shen, your eyemakeup is super fab talaga!


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