A short Forever 21 post

Loving this dress I got at Forever 21. Only Php975.00

And I kinda regret not getting this.. :(

You think I should go back for this?

I also got a sling bag but wasn't able to take pics of it. :(

much love,

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  1. Oh it's bagay on you, partner! If you lost sleep over it, you definitely should get it :) Motto ko yun haha!

    I love the dresses! Wish ko lang lapit ko sa Mega :(

  2. hi shen, wow both dresses look flattering on you :) and i think you should consider going back to get the second dress.. hihi. :)

  3. OMG the second dress looks stunning!!

  4. The first dress is sooooo YOU! And the 2nd is a stunner, it will turn heads. =D If you like it and you think you'll use it, then why not. =)

  5. sleep on it. if you still want it after then go!


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